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tennisfanz, May 28, 7:50pm
My son was walking in town with a mate when they were attacked by a group of ferals who stole their money, watch and cell phone. They were beaten up but it could have been much worse. I walked a few blocks in the dark to a concert in Auckland a few weeks ago and did not feel uneasy. Has Christchurch become more unsafe?

gypsy271, May 28, 7:57pm
Definitely. some guy insisted I get into his car a couple of weeks ago and last week my mother and I were followed by a guy while we were out doing our walking so we had to hide in a car wash!

craftylady1, May 28, 8:04pm
Better look out for random seals

gypsy271, May 28, 8:07pm
Lol what a crack up!

sanch147, May 28, 9:56pm
Christchurch has a really "off" feeling to it. We've decided to leave for greener pastures, definitely in part due to this.

coffeeone, May 28, 10:33pm
So to hear about your sons attack, I hope you have reported to police and checked any near by spots or houses for possible security footage to help. I wouldnt walk around at night. too damn cold for one but the cover of darkness and not many people about gives those sort of low opportunists too much advantage. If in doubt always cross the street and keep as far away as possibly from suss characters doesnt matter if it looks weird/ un tough or call the police if being followed, or go knock on someones door etc. Best just to get a lift to and fro and only got out for walks in busy well lit areas or in daytime

jonners2013, May 29, 1:50am
Nope. I don't feel any less safe here than most other places in the world. The one thing that can sometimes make a difference is the sheer lack of people. For eg in say NYC there are always a bagillion people around so you feel safer knowing that. But then I don't find that an issue because I don't roam around deserted parts of Chch at night.

family007, May 29, 1:55am
Don't feel safe walking down my street anytime! Just drove past another cordoned off house with a tent up. 3 police cars, another suspicious death in the street.

puddles11, May 29, 4:14am
People have been saying that for at least as long as I have been in Christchurch (about 15 years now), although I have personally never had any problems walking around at night. Unfortunately, nasty things do happen to people who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, as they do in any city in the world.

doggybear, May 29, 5:03am
I definately don't feel safe walking around at night in Christchurch! When we went to Auckland recently we felt really safe walking around the CBD at night, but not here!

ryanm2, May 29, 5:48am
so, you felt safe wondering around Auckland's busy, populated, lit up cbd with an extremely high presence of police but not Christchurch's non existent cbd? Im sure you wouldn't feel safe wondering around Otara nor would you in Aranui.

jcmp21, May 29, 7:22am
Christchurch has a large number of Criminals (many sexual offenders) which are dumped here for "a fresh start", no family here, no connection to the place, so once they are released from custody, almost always they are paroled here too. Look at most of the high profile murders, and they're almost all by North island crims who have been "deported" here.

doggybear, May 29, 7:27am
ryanm2. I didn't feel safe before the earthquakes walking around in the CBD in Christchurch either! Probably because I had a knife pulled on me in the afternoon in broad daylight in the Square in the late 80's! Aside from that. I still never felt safe.

tennisfanz, May 29, 7:34am
I agree totally with this. There is an emptiness to the city I think it's been this way for a while. The underbelly.

zoopa, May 29, 9:02am
Where did you go?

zoopa, May 29, 9:04am
There was an article a while ago in Stuff that said the criminal demographic in Chch comprised mostly of weird white men.

jessebird, May 29, 9:35am
I wouldn,t feel safe at night out there anywhere.

brightlights60, May 29, 9:41am
The problem with Christchurch is that you are always going to have a bad bunch who take advantage of a situation, which at the moment is the abundance of dodgy areas (demolitions, empty houses, red zone) to hang out in. I think its common sense not to put yourself in a position where you could be in danger, and that applies anywhere in the world. Was in Sydney a few weeks ago, felt safe at night in some areas but not others, same everywhere.

strats5, May 29, 9:51am
Id only walk at night with bullmastiff boy by my side
Way too dangerous here- theres lowlifes all oved

francesca11, May 29, 11:18am
I've never felt unsafe walking around at night, both pre-quake or post-quake. I've never had any problems, though. Maybe if I'd had a run in with some undesirables I'd feel different?

I live in Linwood and regularly walk or bike home from the city at night. Always have. Have lived here for 20 plus years, never had any issues with crime etc.

lucky.gadgets, May 29, 11:20am
When areas have booming economies, they also suffer from a rise in crime. More money floating around thus more drug/drink consumption.

coffeeone, May 29, 9:56pm
what area or street was that? nothing in the news this morning
There were half a dozen or more unmanned police cars parked along ferry rd around lunch yesterday, dont know what was going on there?

melcraig, May 30, 6:07am
Some areas I'd feel as safe as houses. Other areas I'd not be so happy.

survivalkiwi, May 30, 6:15am
Christchurch was dodgy 20 years ago.
Why would you think it would be better now days.

lil_tarnz, May 30, 8:13am
yeah but its just too fuckin cold is all lol

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