Recommendations for Carpet Suppliers

jessie981, Jul 19, 7:24am
Last Company we used were in Moorhouse Ave, guaranteed no fading etc. Carpet has.

song12, Jul 20, 1:46am
All carpet will fade. Anyone who tells you any different is lying to you. Its just a matter of how long it takes for the effects to show.

chatsmom, Jul 20, 3:06am
The team at Roses are great - just straight up on their products.

robyn35, Jul 20, 4:04am
I used Base 7, they come to you with samples and there price was slightly cheaper than other places. Carpet Kingdom is another place that is meant to be good

jessie981, Jul 20, 5:18am
chatsmom wrote:
The team at Roses are great - just straight up on their products.

Do Roses arrange the laying etc

jessebird, Jul 20, 6:20am
What about Floor Pride they were excellent at laying mine.

adnil3, Jul 20, 8:59am
i went looking for carpet recently, was told by few shops carpet wont fade, carpet solution dyed nylon wont stain. fact is all carpet fades and stains. ended buying wool 80,20 nylon via carpet court. awesome deal and no crap feed to me. if it cheap dont expect it to last. most places have carpet layers but price a few independant layers as price varies lots.

granny98, Jul 20, 10:53am
I had a great deal from Smiths City Northwood, & I got free laying (of carpet)

macboy2, Jul 21, 8:57am
Second Smith City Northwood. jeremy out thee is excellent to deal with. Very impressed with the price we got

intheoneone, Jul 21, 10:51am
Third vote for Smiths City Northwood, I have dealt with Jeremy a few times now over the years, ask for him and he'll look after you. Always a top job, and always at the best price, whatever your flooring needs.

gutlux, Jul 23, 10:11am
We used Harrisons last year and got carpet with 15 year warrently, they had carpet sale on so the carpet at a great price. We put in dearer heavier duty carpet in downstairs living room, dining room, hallway and stairs plus stair landing and used a slightly cheaper lower grade carpet (colour pretty much the same and cant see the difference) in 4 bedrooms and upstairs lounge, plus the premium underlay throughout. we paid around $8,000 for the house lot including the laying (we removed the old carpet ourselves). we looked at a few places but liked the carpet they had and the fact it was feltex carpet and on sale a great discounted price - we were happy with our decision.

jessie981, Nov 21, 3:39pm
Thanks all for input

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