Oaklands School

sooty117, Dec 19, 3:47am
Whats going on - re bullying

bigbadfun, Dec 19, 5:21am
You shut up or my mates will get you!

steelman3, Dec 19, 6:18am
Great school lovely kids.

sooty117, Dec 19, 6:24am
So Jared plases tall more

sooty117, Dec 19, 9:32pm
I feel your pain, we moved both our kids out of Oaklands for these reasons. You have been such a tower of strength to Ginny, she is a wonderful girl. The good news is she has a fresh start next year and I totally believe she will thrive! All of the families, and I know 5, who moved there kids from Oaklands have all said the same thing to me and that is they can't believe the change in their children once in a positive environment.

supersapper, Dec 19, 10:15pm
I've spoken to different teachers who have worked there and they don't find the staff environment particularly supportive either. Some have moved on, some stay, grit their teeth and bear it.

lyttelton2, Dec 20, 9:33am
I don't know any of you, but we have friends whose daughter has had a terrible year there this year with regards to bullying and she has only recently turned 7. For those of you who are parents, what do you think is contributing to this? One individual child, a small group, or lack of teacher/management involvement?

supersapper, Dec 20, 7:47pm
Personally I've never been there but in my experience if there are problems at the top of the school (principal, staff) and those issues are not acknowledged and sorted then theres probably not much hope that bullying issues with children will be acknowledged and sorted successfully either.

twosons, Jun 3, 4:33pm
This school has had a problem with bullying for years now, I have heard of teachers bullying kids to attend out of school activities saying they will not be part of the community if they don't etc. kids bullying kids is swept under the carpet asap by school management wit no real punishments. they have be in the media before and I feel they will be again real soon. people have had enough. we tell our kids to go to adults re bullying and this school does nothing. good example Oaklands

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