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slimgym, Jan 1, 3:55pm
we were wondering if the ladies of Manchester street conduct wet t shirt competitions under the water fountains but seriously no shade, after all the talk of the sunburn, we would have thought more shady places, and perhaps a table or two for birthday parties. Ice creams were cheap thanks guys. when we were there, there wasn't much water running through the river, wasn't a worry to us, just like a gutter on the side of the road, they arnt fenced off

kenny92, Jan 3, 8:18am
We went at about 8.30pm a few nights ago and it was extremely crowded even at that time. I agree with other posters in that shade areas, fencing and picnic table areas would be good.

lesleyd3, Jan 5, 8:38am
If you to the groynes or other public recreation areas the river is not fenced off so why expect it here? Parents need to be responsible and keep an eye on their kids. It has to be a close eye here because it's so busy but that just makes it more important.
My first time there today withe the gkids and I thought it was great. Agree a bit more shade would help and I understand some BBQ areas etc on the riverbank are coming soon.

monkles, Jan 7, 9:32am
It is amazing, the kids absolutely loved it. Will go back on a hotter day to make the most of the water park.

francesca11, Jan 9, 6:37am
The playground is awesome! And to those who asked above about the parking, there is a HUGE carpark (free) which can take about 50 cars at least, plus plenty of free on street parks to.

In my opinion, the playground is best suited to those aged 5 years and older. Little ones will need to be watched, as there is no fencing between the park and road and river. But for the older kids - awesome! My teenagers love it (and so do I - I could spend hours playing with the water stuff!).

mod34c, Jan 10, 7:59am
We went the other morning. Arrived about 7.30am (we weren't even first!) and gone just after 9am. Amazing park. My 3 loved it. (2/3/5yr old) totally recommend going before 9am. Bugger all people at all around

lizziep823, Dec 11, 5:38am
All i can find online is 'will open by xmas'. Even the latest update of a few days ago (in the paper) didn't give an opening date.


lugee, Dec 11, 11:36am
By Christmas.

lizziep823, Dec 12, 5:42am
Yes but WHAT DAY is the Q

ryanm2, Dec 12, 5:49am
Sometime before christmas.

astrophe, Dec 12, 9:00am

Maybe the opening date depends on when the work gets finished? Maybe they don't know yet?

I think if they had a grand opening date, they'd update it. So the fact that they haven't, implies that they haven't.

slimgym, Dec 12, 5:34pm
getting late now, workers will go on holiday on the 18th till end of Jan

and to be fair they didn't say what christmas

ghostdog1, Dec 14, 9:51am
love it - that Robb Kerr from CERA quoted Xmas 2014 to the local community when kids from the local community wrote him letters about the date coming and going he just palmed them off to CERA's rather large communications team . dissapointing really having said all that I hear its due to open 22nd Dec

jessebird, Dec 15, 7:35am
Where is it?.

stickman4u, Dec 15, 8:29am
madras and chester street east

washer5, Dec 15, 9:58am
There does not seem to be any where to park, if it is to be family friendly, all families need easy access, and safe. Do not want to cross roads with excited toddlers.

cjh1, Dec 15, 10:19am
Friday according to the news today :)

william1980, Dec 15, 10:57am
I'd put my money on the 23rd, I reckon they'll need every day they can get before Xmas.

slimgym, Dec 15, 5:09pm
It makes me laugh café in cashmere is having to close its door because it cant supply parking, but in the city don't worry about parking because the poor rate payer will have to build a carpark, then run it as a loss

charlie.c., Dec 17, 5:32pm
22nd dec. there was an article in stuff

honest-reliable, Dec 17, 11:11pm

kenny92, Dec 19, 4:18am
Can you see much of it from the road? Have a visitor from out of town with children coming at xmas and was going to recommend it to them (maybe)

bligh, Dec 22, 7:17am
A nice body of water there, not fenced. Its only a matter of time.

kassie48, Dec 22, 10:04am
Look before you leap!

honest-reliable, Dec 23, 12:46am
anyone go to the opening today? How was it?

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