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rav413, Dec 23, 1:56am
It opened today. Sounds like a fun place to take the little (and bigger!) kids.

jessebird, Dec 23, 2:53am
Parents should be watching their younger children.

nicsta4, Dec 23, 8:38am
its a play ground fun fun gee tour pkay ground would be BORING as

xmakara, Dec 23, 11:07am
It looks absolutely fantastic! :D


Pictures here.

spunkeymonkey, Dec 23, 5:31pm
massive why can they not build one over on the east side

ryanm2, Dec 23, 5:45pm
it is on the east side (of avon river).

spunkeymonkey, Dec 23, 5:46pm
no actually in the east side itself - not the city

bigbadfun, Dec 24, 12:49am
Cos it would get tagged, smashed and burnt within 4 days.

ttaotua1, Dec 24, 3:32am
Just make sure to keep the working girls away from their

bigbadfun, Dec 24, 4:03am
Dunno - they could keep the slides nice and slippery.

bligh, Dec 24, 4:53am
That's ok then, no problem.

lizziep823, Dec 29, 8:20am
teee heee teee heee

actually, i think its more that in the event of a minor shake, it would sink .

lizziep823, Dec 29, 8:21am
ps) been there with niece and nephews and it was fantastic. filled with laughter, and people of all ages, enjoying the space there - from babies, to grandparents, and quite a few teenagers also having a play .

it was the one thing i was looking forward to of the rebuild, and I'm happy I've been in chch long enough to see it

tomber, Dec 29, 11:08pm
Its really good, exactly what a city should have. Can't believe all the petty complaints on here. As to parking, its a city park, they don't have parking. Try walking a few blocks.

pooks3, Dec 30, 1:20am
Went today, it's great, my only complaint apart from the fact it was really busy, was lack of shade, where are the shade cloths? Will be great in 15 years when the trees grow bigger, but there needs to be shade for people who don't want to roast in the sun.

wahinetoa62, Jan 1, 4:25am
My wee 4yr old granddaughter loves it - glad it is central so it can be accessed by families across the city. While the rebuild is going on we all need a place to remind us to play and something where everyone can have a turn is a great idea - a great investment in families and children is always going to have a positive return with happier children

gaspodetwd, Jan 1, 6:14am
My children weren't bothered about going - but especially wanted to get to the art gallery.

rover79, Jan 1, 9:16am
Had the exact same thoughts when I went past and a huge crowd there, then seen the river and thought holy f. How are people going to keep an eye on a few kids, when at home, they must have a fence around their pool.

lyndad59, Feb 7, 2:12am
We had a look at it the other day & yes it was crowded ,BUT it was a Public Holiday & I wonder if it will be a 9 day wonder ? We commented on the fact with all the sawdust if someone has to check it each morning for broken glass etc & my husband said wonder if homeless sleep in the tunnels ?

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