EQC Public Enquiry

Well if the government won't do one, looks like its up to the people.
Part 1:

david_270, Jul 19, 3:28 pm

Please keep producing these video's they are helpful to people still stuck in the mess created by GB and his friends.

shells76, Jul 19, 7:44 pm

I don't have anything to do with it, I just think that Philippa is doing great work. Hopefully one day there will be a full enquiry into what these sods are still doing to people.

david_270, Jul 19, 10:11 pm

We need this info. I thought it was dead in the water and we were alone in the battle. Go Phillippa.
This story is so familiar its sickening.

gillian25, Jul 20, 5:20 pm

Hardly alone. There are 3 group actions, each with their own FB page, plus the usual FB pages.

david_270, Jul 20, 8:49 pm

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Non qualified people making technical decisions. Nepotism, with a bad attitude.

david_270, Dec 1, 3:41 am

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