New entrance to the Groynes coming from Belfast

moodybleu, Jul 5, 12:32am
couldn't be in a more dangerous place. Might be alright if the road is widened but right now you have to sit in the middle of a narrow stretch with not much room for cars and hideous trucks to thunder pass you. Whoever gave that the go ahead needs some re-training. Accident waiting to happen.

dannyboy24, Jul 5, 1:56am
I live just down the road and thought the same thing. Pretty dodgy indeed

summer129, Jul 5, 11:09am
I thought the same when driving down Johns Road the other day

lugee, Jul 5, 12:40pm
It's fairly temporary, that whole section of Johns Road will be changing substantially with the Western Belfast Bypass.

doggybear, Jul 5, 12:54pm
Where exactly is it ?

traykuku, Jul 5, 8:32pm
Its a bit early to be making judgements like this, don't you think. I'm sure the intersection will be upgraded. Some people are just so negative. I think I'll wait till its finished before passing comment.

planespotterhvn, Jul 5, 9:34pm
I waited till the new onramps were finished on the lineside Road overbridge over the Northern Motorway but the muppets left the lighting poles on the wrong side of the Armco barriers. So keep an eye on it.

dannyboy24, Jul 5, 9:44pm
about 2-300 meters west of the usual entrance

moodybleu, Jul 5, 11:38pm
I'm not negative thanks. Should it not be upgraded first before the turnoff is in use? You have your facts wrong. Its not an intersection.

jamesnmatt, Jul 6, 3:37am
and yet to date how many issues has that caused. none.

You might want to find a new bone to chew.

lugee, Jul 6, 5:15am
No, because the whole layout of that area of Johns Road is dependant on the Western Belfast Bypass, a 3 year project just started earlier this year.

traykuku, Jul 6, 7:18pm
Facts wrong. really? Looks like an intersection to me. You sound negative about it all but hey some people pick holes in everything cos that's just what they do :-)

moodybleu, Jul 6, 8:33pm
Well, whatever it is I still think its dangerous and if you used the turnoff nearly every day I believe you would think it is too. Try it out in busy traffic sitting in the middle with heavy duty traffic coming straight at you and from behind and tell me that you don't feel nervous about someone clipping you.

traykuku, Jul 6, 8:43pm
It has a turning lane. and its a 60km zone while the alterations are taking place. no more dangerous than turning right anywhere else.

moodybleu, Jul 6, 11:14pm
Well that's fine . you are entitled to your opinion and me to mine.

doggybear, Feb 12, 3:23pm
Isnt it where it used to be years ago ?

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