Recommend a supplier of bathroom stuff please

going to get a new bathroom. not high end just practical good stuff

stefanie1, Oct 4, 7:56 am

not Lennox - some of their stuff is complete crappola.

ryanm2, Oct 4, 12:09 pm

avoid unusual brands, I have had advice to stick with the long standing retailers - plumbing world, mico bathrooms, plumbing plus, etc. If buying a few things ask for discount and shop around for best price. You generally get what you pay for and you want it to last!

jane310567, Oct 4, 3:38 pm

If you are using a builder they often have trade prices for the gear.

jane310567, Oct 4, 3:39 pm

Try the little shop in Stanmore road by the WMC. Great stuff and you can haggle.the price. Just done a complete bathroom and they were very competitive

gillian25, Feb 26, 4:28 am

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