Im telling ya, we wont get snow on the ground in.


tool_shop173, Jun 26, 9:04 pm

might get a shake though.

tool_shop173, Jun 26, 9:04 pm

u are pathetic. and boring

craftylady1, Jun 27, 5:40 am

And a bad troll. You need to learn to be more inventive if you're going to constantly play the moron card.

jonners2013, Jun 27, 7:54 am

dont think hes playing lol

drcjp, Jun 27, 6:47 pm

Such haters in here lol

jcmp21, Jun 27, 6:52 pm

If you have nothing nice to say then dont say it at all. Im perplexed as to why you looked at the post and then made that comment. Face palm.

tool_shop173, Jun 27, 8:26 pm

Our family gets excited when it snows. Luckily it lasts only a short time in ChCh and not months as in other parts of the world. We get snow most years now so there is no reason why it wouldn't snow at some stage.

lorischch, Mar 26, 2:21 am

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