EQC Excess

jkp58, May 3, 4:03am
Just got my one today $200 per claim times 3 Only saw them once.Lesson learnt dont claim more than once .First claim they say cost over $6000 dollars ony had two small cracks in the front gable Probably cost $300 Second claim the same amount $6000 probably about right the third claim over $7000 it was ahole in the ground paid drain layer $170 toput camera down pipes near by nothing wrong. no land claim payment.they must just take wild guess at the portions as they only came once to look.Is any one going to pay?they also gave me to 27 july to make first pay ment letter arived today 2 May

nz_nicola, May 3, 4:18am
I'm interested to see what others get sent as well, I was under the impression it was 1% of what they spent on the house up to a certain amount but seems not, I guess this way we can't question where and what they spent the money on in our homes, I would have two claims, first one from the sept quake I was never paid out on as the Feb quake hit before they got around to it, so I wonder if I'll still have to pay twice when I got nothing for the first claim?

jkp58, May 3, 4:19am
Yes because the minium is $200 per claim

jamesnmatt, May 3, 4:22am
the opt out company we used paid our excess as part of their deal - this did not compromise what was fixed at all, they just did it and fixed all the things they were told to.

jkp58, May 3, 4:28am
I think we have all learnt valuable lesson with dealing with the various out fits

fiatnut, May 3, 4:46am
Our feeling is that they should be sending copies of invoices pertaining to the contractors who worked on the property to prove just how much the repairs did in fact cost. They could be charging any old amount to the homeowner just to bring in the coffers they need to top up their almost empty piggybanks. We know for a fact the first contractors we had have not been paid due to incomplete and bad workmanship. We wait with interest to see what we receive and shall be asking for proof of what the final repairs did actually cost.

pip4, May 3, 4:56am
Yep same here, made claim in 2010 but had no damage. claimed "just in case" as we were advised to,
had very small amount of work done after 2011 but not the amount they claim . will need to look into it but fear we may get no where . but I fail to see how they can make us pay for a claim when nothing was done.

stefanie1, May 3, 4:59am
I'm not paying they didn't fix house properly. actually broke it and after months of fighting they concluded yes company did break ring foundations while piling. Was stressed to the max. And dealt with that prick g r so good luck eqc getting it from me.

pip4, May 3, 5:05am
I dont mind paying the excess for what was done but it most certainly was not the amount they have said.

nzmax, May 3, 9:25am
Another thing to watch. if you purchased your property after the EQ's but before repairs had taken place, which of course, you will have signed a Deed of Assignment at time of purchase, which effectively transfers the claim to the new owner, double check on the Deed of Assignment who pays the excess. vendor or purchaser. My DOA states the vender was to pay the excess but EQC deducted the excess from the cash settlement made to me. Took nearly 12 months to get that paid out to me, even though they were in the wrong.

Of course, repairs made will not have had the excess deducted, hence the reason for sending out accounts for them, so if you receive one, and your DOA says vendor was to pay, then remind EQC of that.

kletis1, May 4, 12:19pm
hate to say,but i said this would happen.Get your excess bill and stand back and try and work out where the f that money was spent.My mother just got her bill.It stated $32998 of repairs.She lives in a two bed flat and all she had done was plaster and paint all rooms (ceilings and walls, nothing else) and grind out and repoint 10 mtrs of block work.It will all come out now how over inflated these so called repairs have been.I have a copy of the rates that were being charged and they are ridiculous.I will post said onfo tomorrow as it's the biggest have.

pip4, May 4, 10:09pm
Wonder if we can get copies of the repair bills paid to the contractors.

jkp58, May 5, 9:33am
the main contractors usally the builder got very fat pay cheques why screwing painters and plasters doing the bulk of the work .as they have done so for years

kletis1, May 5, 10:17am
Yes they did,and honestly it was in most cases far beyond what should have been allowed.They,along with Fletcher EQR were the ones who made the call on repairs,and they were mostly plaster and paint.I know many main contractors who have become very rich on the back of all this and am seeing now,after 3 years,their stategies are failing big time.The average house we did had $30-50000 of 'repairs'.It was all p/p and one m/c pocketed all the money for cleaning,portaloos,floor protection,skip hire,the list goes on.It a repair seemed too costly and slow that he wouldn't make lots money,an excuse would be made to replace with a quicker cheaper fix.Happened all the time.Cash was king also.Taking payment on expenses that weren't done also was a regular occurance.Hopefully one day the average joe will see what has occured in this utter joke that was the CHRP.

lambrat, May 5, 11:06am
yes you did say that, and of course g.kettle & fam, as well as g.r the ipenz martyr have raked it in as well as main contractors. bloddy amazing yr mum's flat cost 33grand for repairs, the scale of these rorts are mindboggling if thats indicative of even 30% of chch homes so-called repairs.
when insurance company case manager came back with their estimate for repairs here it was over ten x what eqc's unsolicited joke-payment (with excess deducted, of course) was. so glad i was sitting down at the time, utterly lost for words. gawd knows what happens next, or when.

voidhawkltd, May 5, 7:00pm
It won't work but it's tempting to do a round up of the work that has fallen apart since they've been here and deduct that from whatever excess they claim from me. I reckon they'd still end up owing me money. Or even better deduct it from the work they said they did but actually didn't at all.

Dreaming I know.

supersapper, May 5, 8:08pm
Wow thats excessive. Just before earthquakes I had our 5 bedroom, 2 lounge double storeyed home plastered and painted for under 20k AND I was more than happy with the work.

adnil3, May 5, 8:32pm
oney was spent.My mother just got her bill.It stated $32998 of repairs.She lives in a two bed flat and all she had done was plaster and paint all rooms (ceilings and walls, nothing else) and grind out and repoint 10 mtrs of block work.It will all come out now how over inflated these so called repairs have been.I have a copy of the rates that were being charged and they are ridiculous.I will post said onfo tomorrow as it's the biggest have.[/quote] WOW the contractors must be well paid if thats the cost. i had 2 bdrms, lounge,hall,toilet,bathroom,la-
undry all walls and 3 ceilings to do. kitchen and laundry new vinyl, kitchen bench top remove,refit, kitchen tiles regrout, 20mts brick repointing, all brick sills remove,refit, jacknpak 4 piles,ranchslider relign,internal doors all planed and repainted, door frames adjusted and painted. All for a cash payment of 11k. yes eqcs costings.

kletis1, May 6, 5:13am
Well adnil,I did her repairs.It was 2 bedrooms,lounge,dine/kitchen,s-
mall hallway bathroom and loo.That was only plaster/skim some walls and crack repairs on others.then paint the ceilings and walls.Sorry she got two doors planed as EQC refused to believe her house has sunk.Her brickwork was approx 10-15 sqm no more and the brickie bragged he was being paid $5000.No skip,no porta loo,no final clean.Total property Worx were the main contractors who like most dipshits,have left town.THAT WAS IT! No other work was done,hence why we laughed when we saw the total repair cost.EQC didn't give a shit.Or their supervisor.

robbies1, May 8, 8:45am
Yes we got our letter today. Put in 2 claims one for the sept and one for feb the house was repaired only the once in 2012 yet we have 2 excess to pay.? .

jc555, May 9, 1:22am
claimed for feb 2011, assessed november 2011.
claim for dec 2011. no re-assessment done.
'repair' shoddy
did an OIA
all paperwork relate to feb claim.
excess paperwork shows two claims therefore two excesses due.

'phoned them about 20 minutes ago, started the 'query' process.
someone will get back to me. - apparently.

Couldn't talk on phone long with EQC.
Dealing with them again is making me physically ill.

millerz08, May 9, 1:27pm
are people getting sent bills for excess now? is that for cash payouts, or eqc arranged work?

I was under the understanding my excess was deducted on cash payout?

adnil3, May 9, 7:50pm
yes cash payouts already had excesses deducted.

showerwell, Nov 28, 7:13am
You have the right to request further information on he excess. Eqc are able to provide this info for you. If you get very carried away you can request under OIA and privacy act complete breakdown and copies of accounts related to this.

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