Sirens on Ferry Rd

mizp, Aug 25, 11:50pm
3rd lot just gone down, 5am-ish this morning then again about 9; now another lot of mixed sirens flying down Ferry Rd. Anyone know what's going on?

schnauzer11, Aug 26, 12:36am
Emergency(ies). Those uninvited best to check the news-sites.

mizp, Aug 26, 1:45am
GOLLY! That is SO helpful - NOT! If there was anything on the news I wouldn't have asked here, would I?
FYI while I was out three more ambulances went flying down towards Woolston end with their sirens howling and their lights blazing.
Whatever it is it looks big.

pepper-nala, Jul 12, 4:23pm
There were three cop cars down ferry rd end of hargood street this pm so maybe something happened there. One was dog van.

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