EQC Opt out team

emmajw, Feb 20, 4:13am
Does anybody have a contact phone number for the opt out team? The person we have been dealing with, who was extremely helpful, has left ( EQC won't confirm or deny), and we need to recontact the opt out team regarding further damage. EQC will not give me the phone number. Apparently they do not have it. No email address either. They want me to fill in all the paperwork from scratch, just to be able to speak with someone about our payment. I really just need a 5 minute phone call to find the answer to my question. Anyone have the contact number?

bandrach, Feb 20, 4:44am
Never a phone number, just an email addy. This is what we used to submit our variations.

esawers, Feb 21, 10:08am
Chchoptout@eqc.govt.nz is what we used for our optout
They passed it on to whoever was dealing with our claim

emmajw, Feb 21, 11:32am
Hmm. We had a cellphone number for the person we dealt with. Will keep trying.

jlm14, Jan 16, 11:04pm
Try going through the community contact team, just call 0800 Damage and ask to book in with them. They do face to face meetings as well as over the phone meetings and just say what your after. They are pretty good and will generally point your claim/query in the right direction much faster than just going through the call centre.

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