lil_tarnz, Jul 3, 7:12am
theres two random stars over avonhead that have been there 3 nights now, I thought it was a crane but there's nothing there during the daytime. Pretty weird!

dannyboy24, Jul 3, 7:17am
I noticed them too apparently its Venus and Jupiter (or 2 other planets)

lil_tarnz, Jul 3, 7:22am
Well that'd explain why it doesn't glisten lol

dannyboy24, Jul 3, 7:24am
The big ones pretty bright aye

kids4ever, Jul 3, 9:05am
i read somewhere, that the brighter light is Jupiter

actiontraders, Jul 3, 9:59am
It is Venus and Jupiter and the brighter one is Venus because it's much closer to Earth.

tygertung, Jul 3, 6:08pm
Maybe they are IFOs? Identified flying objects.

addington261, Feb 23, 2:27pm

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