Bin at gate from wrong address ? penalty ?

Does anyone know what happens if someone gets caught putting say a red bin at the gate , from an address across town ?
Every second week two red bins , one from a different address .

Is there any penalty if caught ?

I know the cameras on the trucks do not detect or report these incidents .

golfaholic2, May 27, 7:15 pm

all the trucks have camera's and scaners on them ,they read the bins numbers and if the bin doesn't match the house number and street, it will come up on driver screen invaid bin . and the driver shouldn't tip it. at the end of the day it comes down too the action of the driver if he tip a invaid bin, but all he's actions are record. and each truck is on gps so all recorded. so it up too him weather he cares about his job. i know this because my mate drives a truck.

grad111, May 27, 7:34 pm

LOL, no I don't think there's an actual penalty.

If "caught", they would simply arrange for that bin to be collected next day that it's out and put at the right address. (Or returned, presumably that right address already ordered a replacement).

astrophe, May 27, 7:57 pm

Cheeky though, huh. Get your bin emptied twice as often, pay no extra. Ratepayers will suck it up I guess

zoopa, May 27, 8:01 pm

Christchurch has around 10,000 missing bins (mostly from the red zone, I think).

That's a whole lot of double-ups happening.

astrophe, May 27, 8:08 pm

I know for a fact the cameras do not have the ability to send that data mentioned above .
I also know CCC has an investigations officer , but I neglected to query what happens when an address is found to be using multiple bins .
There must surely be some recourse .

golfaholic2, May 27, 8:18 pm

We had lots of bin mix ups post quake - eg fallen down properties with bins that we moved to a subdivided but not separate titled (ie no bin allocation) property, and we nabbed an extra yellow bin from a fallen down property as an extra for our house. Eventually the extra yellow bin got left with stickers saying no or wrong label, then one week it simply disappeared. Likewise with the green and red bin at the rental, which were from across town - all good for a year, then vanished. The council claims they didn't take them, but we have no grounds to claim missing bins as they weren't allocated to the property to begin with. Now have title on that property so got our free bin allocation, but had to replace the bins at the fallen down property. Thought we'd saved the council hassles when they surely had better things to do around Feb 2011 by moving the bins around!

mcnic, May 27, 8:26 pm

Do you know how many millions of dollars is lost by not knowing what bins are where?

Parts of the council were busy. The bins people? They were still doing the bins job.

astrophe, May 27, 8:35 pm

No. Aren't Chch and Waimak moving to RFID?

astrophe, May 27, 8:36 pm

CCC's web site says this:
"What happens if I put a bin not allocated to the property out for collection?

The wheelie bin??s serial number and label corresponds with the property address the bin was originally allocated to. The collector will check with the wheelie bin database to confirm if a wheelie bin is outside the wrong property. If a bin does not belong to, or is not in the immediate vicinity to the property it was allocated to, the kerbside collection contractor:
will sticker the bin advising the resident to contact Council with the reason for its use at an address other than the one it was allocated to
if no action is taken by the user prior to the bin??s next collection the collector may not collect the contents of the bin or may remove the bin and return it to stock."

I don't know what happens in reality.

daisyhill, May 27, 8:47 pm

Not sure what that means astrophe . I got my info from Management of the firm that picks up the bins .
They mentioned hand held cameras . no doubt linked to the identifications of rouge bins .
As for replacement bins , a charge applies . someone was kind enough to steal my yellow bin . I'm almost certain I know who . they have scratched part of the address off the sticker thinking it's now unidentifiable . little do they know the serial number is on record and matches the street address .
The thieves are in for a shock when they put it at the gate next week . payback will be sweet

These same feral crack heads are the ones with rouge bins lol

golfaholic2, May 27, 8:51 pm

Hehehe. Rogue bins. Not red (rouge) ones. ;)

I got mine from Waste Management, too. I'm pretty sure at least Waimak is going RFID (computer-readable ID chips in all the bins). Not all that sure about CCC.

I once had a neighbour take my recycling bin in and leave me his disgusting, beer splattered, mess.

When he put mine out next week, all splattered in beer, I brought it in quickly and cleaned it up. He came ranting around, demanding to talk about bins. Was in the shower (he yelled through the bathroom window) and he never bothered coming back.

Guess he didn't like getting his gross bin back.

astrophe, May 27, 8:57 pm

. or he didn't like seeing u naked

craftylady1, May 27, 9:01 pm

LOL - I said he yelled through it - not looked through it!

Bathroom windows tend to be opaque.

astrophe, May 27, 9:03 pm

truck goes up one side of the street ,put bin out on that side.wait till emptied and truck near end of street,grab bin and fill again and put on other side of street empty again.

krames, May 27, 9:07 pm

A few years ago I was using our own home green bin and put it out in front of our rental property (along with the bin from the rental) as we were doing a big garden clean up there. For two consecutive weeks the incorrectly placed bin went unemptied. I phoned the council to query and was told that this was because it was not outside it's allocated address and that we were lucky it had not been confiscated; if it had, it would then cost us $90 to get it back! I was not too happy, I said we paid the rates on both places and whilst the bin was being used at the rental we were not using it at home. It was then explained to me that people would drive around with full bins to empty on multiple days if this was not monitored!

ronash, May 27, 9:40 pm

Sure is. (Although a lot of those 'missing' bins were never collected. They were still sitting around the red zone a few years after eq's)

zoopa, May 27, 10:25 pm

My mates bin went missing. She had a chat with the neighbours who hadn??t seen it. Yet on bin day HER bin was outside their house. She grabbed it and was taking it home when they abused her. When she pointed out the address on the side, they loudly informed her that theirs went missing, so they took the nearest one, and what the %^$#(( were they supposed to do if she took her bin back. I think the reply mentioned arses, sticking things, and getting their own replacement thanks very much.

Meh, moderately cool story, needed more nudity

zoopa, May 27, 10:32 pm

Smirks. Loudly

zoopa, May 27, 10:33 pm

i took my red bin to the gate last night and noticed two long cracks have appeared down the handle side . is this common?
i can't understand it, nothing heavy or odd was put out last fortnight, and it was only half full. my son brought it in after collection last fortnight and didn't notice these cracks (not surprised).
i'm a bit shattered i'll have to buy another, and am now wondering about my new feral neighbours, even just went out and checked the label that its mine, not theirs!

lambrat, May 28, 7:15 am

Re read my message, and it sounds like we nabbed bins from any old property. What I meant was that we moved bins from one of our own crumpled properties to another one that the council had not provided bins for (too busy maybe! ) rather than harass the council at that stage for new bins. When stolen though, the council has refused to replace them as they weren't allocated to that property. Thus we have paid for new ones so the council hasn't lost money, in fact at that price I suspect they have made a profit!

mcnic, May 28, 10:22 am

Is there a penalty no.
Do trucks have a camera ,yes it is used to line the bin up with the grabs.
There is a second camera but it is inside the bin to see what is in the bin,and to able the driver to watch for build up of product in the truck bin.
There is Not a scanner on the truck for bin numbers.
If the driver thinks the bin is wrong he/she is required to write down the number and hand it in at end of shift.

fineo, May 28, 11:08 am

Report it to the council who in their own good time will issue a order number to the contractors to replace it.Due to age of the bin stock this will become more common.

fineo, May 28, 11:11 am

ring council and explain, I didn't have to pay for a new one as the bin guy dropped it in the cutter

kids4ever, May 28, 1:29 pm

The guy who lives beside us got 2 of each of the bins as he lives on a corner! Bonus!

doggybear, May 28, 4:25 pm

They make good planter boxes

bosch2006, May 29, 12:29 am

They certainly do.
Great for getting tomatoes going early,and for keeping alstroemeria under control,

fineo, May 29, 7:05 am

omg, LOL

btw. that bushy blurry yellow looking one i've circled isn't fleming is it? Nice! i've failed to get that one going a couple of times.

lambrat, May 29, 9:04 am

Hate to tell you but I have no Idea.
Would you like some,we are moving soon and can not take them with us so will be giving them away with or without plants.

fineo, May 29, 9:21 am

Our neighbour's bin has a sticker on it with an address for the other side of town. Has done for years. It's always emptied.

helmont, May 29, 11:11 am

At my old place the other side of the road was collected on a different day. If I forgot to put mine out on the scheduled day I could just put it across the street the next day. Never had a problem.

stevexc, May 29, 11:14 am

Was the Bin Laden?

corkranb, May 29, 9:56 pm


dannyboy24, May 29, 10:00 pm

I saw the bin guy writing out something outside someones house today. I wonder if it was a bin that wasn't theirs or maybe had the incorrect stuff in it.

jane310567, May 29, 10:18 pm

The Bin is Laden . but about to be unladen - upside down in the neighbours driveway . I knew full well the "A" was scratched off for a reason , I noticed it before the CCC have me our bins serial number .
Located it this morning , and recovering it shortly . empty ! .

golfaholic2, May 30, 3:10 pm

The Council have runners who go ahead of the trucks and check the bins. they don't do it in all areas all of the time of course, so that is who you may have seen writing a note for the bin.

doggybear, May 30, 4:12 pm

The contractor does not have runners going ahead of the trucks.
The council do have 3 or 4 staff who do random checks on recycling bins.
The contractor has a sub contractor who checks complaints received from the council.

fineo, May 30, 4:28 pm

The "Council" don't even DO the bins.

Such misinformation in this thread.

astrophe, Aug 10, 3:25 am

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