Top 5 questions to ask a building company?

For those that have built, what would be your top 5 questions to ask before engaging? Thanks

bandrach, Sep 5, 2:53 pm

Referral to people who have built with them - so you meet and talk to them -would be one of mine.

tigger250, Sep 5, 3:40 pm

1) Do you plan to liquidate the assets of the company and retire in Queensland before or just after you finish my house?
2) What's the name of your 100 foot launch, and what SSB/VHF channel do you monitor, just in case I need to contact you between the months of December and March?
3) Could I please have the name of the site project manager who's going to start the job, then the names of the other 11 who are each going to work one month on this three month project?
4) When one of your subbies, who you selected, who you pay, and with whom I don't want to have anything to do with seriously stuffs up, is that going to be your problem or mine?
5) Would you mind if I posted a question about your firm in a public forum - like Trademe for example - then came back to you with a list of questions that other people have suggested I ask you - based on their past experiences?

mm12345, Sep 5, 3:49 pm

Will the code of compliance be issued before i make the final payment?

onzy, Sep 5, 5:22 pm

Are you the actual builder or a franchisee . Have you $1M in Pl insurance , list of satisfied customers , how many employees , how long to do the job . are you irish

elect70, Sep 5, 5:27 pm

who will actually be building the house - you or sub contractors

robyn35, Sep 5, 5:28 pm

Mm12345 -most excellent

tavendale1, Sep 5, 5:50 pm

Oooh, I think we need to catch up!

pommie777, Sep 5, 6:32 pm

At least $10 million insurance. $1m is only a couple of houses. Insurance Certificate with your name address should be provided by their insurer. Ask for their standard contract to read before you waste time on things. Make sure they will pay your motel & storage fees if they are delayed. If you are renting while building this could be a big problem.

carter19, Sep 6, 2:33 pm

Luv It

starskey, Sep 6, 3:19 pm

Yes we do.

bandrach, Sep 6, 6:19 pm

With the exception of MM12345 - all those questions asked. Thanks everyone
Apologies - edited to say that this is a private mot an EQC rebuild.

bandrach, Sep 6, 6:21 pm

Sounds exciting! I'm away all of this week but we will sort something when I get back.

pommie777, Sep 6, 7:55 pm

Good luck too!

bandrach, Jun 3, 4:21 am

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