Big Wednesdays Draw Winners

Did you buy your Big Wednesday ticket for last nights draw from any of these places?, 23 Cantabrians won $87,272.00 each! Take Note Kaiapoi (x2) Countdown Ferrymead Countdown Northlands (x2) Countdown Hornby (x4) Hornby Mall Lotto (x4) Lotto and Wild Thingz (x4) Michaels Discounter (x2) Stanmore New World (x2) Wainoni Pak N Save (x2) as the prize pool rolled down to 3rd division. Hope you were one of them, what would you do with $87K? !

honest-reliable, Oct 2, 1:55 pm

Not a lot you can do with $87k to be honest, for a lot of people it would just get swallowed up in their mortgage, but it would still be amazing to win.

steve198, Oct 2, 7:38 pm

Cripes I could do heaps with $87k, i would have a lot of fun spending it but alas i did not buy a ticket.

supersapper, Oct 2, 8:11 pm

Not a lot you could do with it? Wow - give me a chance and I could make it a very exciting time. I did have a ticket, but not a winner sadly.

junie2, Oct 2, 8:16 pm

If I won it would go on my mortgage & in a way it wouldn't feel like I won anything because it would still take me years & years to become freehold. For me it would be nice but not that life changing.

steve198, Oct 2, 8:44 pm

Nope. My Lotto outlet ran out of BW cards so I simply couldn't buy one.

astrophe, Oct 2, 9:37 pm

Do you know how many thousands of dollars of interest (and years of payments) you would save if you were able to pay $87k off your mortgage in one hit? That would be life changing surely.

supersapper, Oct 3, 8:31 am

yip n not me
50k on morg 37k 2 cars and a holiday

kevymtnz, Oct 3, 9:05 am

sadly not me either :(
had great plans of quitting my part time job and having a spending spree.

kathy9, Oct 3, 10:54 am

Wahoo, won $16 (probably won't retire on that!).

gettinggrey, Oct 3, 11:17 am

With 87k i would spend about 40k of it on fast living, fast cars & fast women. And then i would just waste the rest !

andrew1954, Oct 3, 11:21 am

i'm with you up until the fast women and blowing the rest, for sure i'd be very sensible with the rest, lol . if i ever took a ticket .
eta. congrats to all the winners !

lambrat, Oct 3, 12:49 pm

it just shows you how much of a joke big wensday really was

bosch2006, Mar 3, 2:22 am

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