Anyone have "horse mad' daughter wanting to ride?

Our horse family has grown and we were wondering if there is a 10yrs+ girl who would like to ride (and play with some miniature horses) in return for assistance with mucking out.
Would need to be able to walk/trot/canter, ride a 15.1hh horse and have a "horsey" mum able to help/supervise. We are in east Chch.

lia20, Oct 6, 6:55 pm

Shame I??m not the size of a ten year old

zoopa, Oct 6, 7:18 pm

When I was that age I would have done a whooooooole lot more than doing a bit of mucking out in exchange for a 5 minute ride. Don't underestimate the determination of a child that's been bitten by the horse bug! (Or an adult for that matter lol)

secretagent_cat, Oct 6, 8:45 pm

Lol. Yep!

zoopa, Oct 6, 9:17 pm

if only I read this 10 years ago my daughter would have jump at the chance

slimgym, Oct 6, 10:08 pm

My daughter would love to but is only 8 :(

cjh1, Oct 6, 10:47 pm

Don't discount boys either. My son loved horse riding.

pezarointeriors, Oct 7, 7:45 am

We don't actually need help exercising them toyrkt. It would be just riding for fun in return for some mucking out.
The age requirement is because of the height of the horse (15.1hh).

lia20, Oct 7, 9:38 am


hakatere1, Oct 7, 9:42 am

I wish but mine is only 3 _ though maybe I could teach her to muck out and I could ride LOL just kidding but would be great

jodlbauer, Oct 7, 9:32 pm

toyrkt. Are you for real. Its a great opportunity and all sorts of benefits come from working with animals. And a lovely family too I would think.
Good Luck Lia.

gillian25, Feb 11, 2:30 am

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