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op10, Jun 4, 3:38am
Very infrequently post here, but just thought that the debate about Christchurch as a whole was reasonably interesting in a couple of threads on this article

Specifically the ones involving J Cob, Aspen and Steve Weir.

fineo, Jun 4, 5:50am
New Brighton has hardly been neglected for over 30 years as stated in the article.
The main street through the shops has had more than enough rate payers money thrown at it.
I agree that the road in and out and the bridge needs fixing.
What it needs most of all., is private investment, but I don't think that is going to happen .
To hard w get a return on investment

pettal, Jun 4, 6:02am
What it needs is a HUGE BIG ARSE wind break to stop that lovely easterly wind .

poppysinger2, Jun 4, 6:08am
What about a big geodesic dome a bit like the ones in Cornwall in England at the Eden Project ?

aphra1, Jun 4, 8:02am
The issue with New Brighton is that in terms of catchment , it's the end of the line. Areas become popular according to nearby suburbs so this sees areas such as Merivale popular with those who can't afford Fendalton, likewise St Albans may have been an affordable option to Merivale. New Brighton despite having the beach and a lot of wonderful potential is adjacent to areas such as Bexley and Aranui. You may call this a simplistic explanation but I think it has merit. Imagine if a bridge were to be erected across to Shag Pile/ Rock and Sumner. instant higher value and desirability to Brighton. Not sure Sumner residents would be so keen.

aphra1, Jun 4, 8:52am
The only way up, therefore, is for NB to again become a destination. In the 1970's it was the Saturday shopping destination and booming. I don't have a solution but whatever it needs you can be certain it will cost.

dannyboy24, Jun 4, 8:57am
your post at #5 is spot on and well considered

jonners2013, Jun 4, 10:15am
it's a chicken and the egg situation. you're not going to get that much needed private investment when the place is a dump. it needs to be a government led thing to get the place at least presentable again. it has a long way to go.

adnil3, Jun 4, 9:53pm
once all the larger retail shops abandoned new brighton and went to palms,eastgate a few years back thats when the rapid decline into a deadend ghost town began. i have lived here for 50+yrs. farmers,placemakers,mitre 10, dawsons, deka now kmart, to name a few. not everyone enjoys a stuffy overcrowed noisy mall. now to have the pleasure of sitting in a comfy chair, browsing the newspaper or reading a book while having a beautiful million dollar view out to the bay is priceless. yep cant find anywhere else in chch with this. forget the shops and focus on the beauty of what we have. make it a sport,recreation,adventure park like area. we are so lucky to be here, lets use it wisely.

brendawitch, Jun 4, 11:14pm
My two cents worth: The big retail businesses take a circle from their base as a catchment area. New Brighton is therefore a semicircle of catchment because of the sea. Out of that the Rawhiti golf course, QEII, the river and the estuary take a further chunk. The suburbs on the town side of the river are less affluent than many other suburbs. Add to that the catchment area also has a lot of red zone post quake. That, in my opinion is most of the problem.

firebirds, Jun 4, 11:38pm
I worked in Brighton back in the day of Saturday shopping in Brighton . it was a busy place, a great place to work and live. I still love going to Brighton. nice beach, pier and Library and in the fullness of time the roads into Brighton will be repaired and getting there wont be an epic mission. but it is lacking things to see and do that caters for summer and winter weather. the young and the not so young. as well as catering for the normal needs of the residents. I would love to see Brighton have a movie theatre again. and I agree that it could be a great sport, recreation and adventure park area. as someone has said not everyone wants to be in a stuffy mall but Brighton could still have one that's doesn't dominate the shopping areas and is not chocka with chain stores and fast food outlets. fingers crossed that Brighton comes back to life in my life time

aphra1, Jun 5, 1:54am
Thank you. I try.

jonners2013, Jun 5, 2:57am
There are lots of things that would be great in Brighton, but the problem is the small catchment area. Because of the geographical location of the place, it is so removed form the rest of Christchurch. Therefore the catchment for a movie theater would probably be too small to make it commercially viable. It's a great shame, but it is reality.

suka, Jun 5, 9:54am
Yeah, to hell with having a shopping mall in Brighton to the like of the Palms etc.
Do something different and think outside the square.

ljx, Jun 5, 10:50am
Totally off topic, but does any one know or have any ideas why New Brighton Road is closed between Pratt St and the Pages Rd round-about. There is a sign saying that it is closed for a year!?

suka, Jul 3, 3:11pm
Haaahaaa, are you going to ask this question in every subject.

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