ken158, Jul 2, 9:59 pm
I don??

granny98, Jul 2, 11:57 pm
Yes HDF have gone bust, I no this as they were meant to be fixing my home. We moved out for 8 weeks, we're now into week 7. The house lifters lifted our home. It took HDF 2 weeks to get water & power turned off, & not much else was happening. We had a meeting with Fletchers & the new builders on Monday but only we turned up. We have asked for an extension on our acc, (of course this effects the family booked in after us). My home sits up on blocks, the hole that was cut in bedroom floor is extreme & allows every cat in the neighbourhood access to pee inside.
Of course its only rained hard once since we're been here & that was the day that they lifted my home, (mud is caked all through our home !
Life is hard, we get no sunshine here in EQ village & have a heater going 24/7 (panel heaters) no heat pump.
As I was under insured & didn't get a huge acc. payout, EQC are going to be paying our rent here.

wrinkles56, Jul 3, 4:37 am
The company that was building my daughters house has gone bust. She has been out since approx. February and all she has for her new house is the foundation and flooring.Marvellous-not. Apparently her insurance company has another builder arranged but when do they start I ask?

martin11, Jul 3, 9:05 pm
HDF Builders Ltd. and NZ Plumbing and Solar Ltd,

Both companies have different Directors and no tie up according to the companies register ,both are in liquidation

honest-reliable, Jul 4, 8:12 am
No surprises about HDF, they supposedly repaired my home a few years ago and what a piss poor job. I have now gone to the Ombudsman.

survivalkiwi, Jul 4, 8:16 am
What a load of bullcrap. You should check your facts before gossiping.

goldclan, Jul 4, 11:36 am
Who were the builders?

honest-reliable, Jul 5, 8:32 am
what planet are you on? Its clearly on the website they are in Liquidation from end June. Besides what goes round comes round with the crap work they did.

HDF BUILDERS LIMITED (3897337) In Liquidation
Last updated on 25 Jun 2015

franken1, Jul 5, 8:53 am
Read the post clearly before tripping over your tongue.

ken158, Jul 5, 10:09 pm
Where did you get your ???facts??

survivalkiwi, Jul 5, 10:18 pm
The companies office.
Where else would you look for this type of information?

dannyboy24, Feb 17, 3:26 pm
In the posts on here from "all of us geniuses"

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