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snowing now

grad111, Jul 8, 9:06 am

heavy too

grad111, Jul 8, 9:07 am

central christchurch city .

grad111, Jul 8, 9:12 am

sleeting in avonhead

crazy56, Jul 8, 9:22 am

2 minutes of light hail in avonhead

2bit, Jul 8, 9:24 am

Clear skies and a Frost on the ground in loburn

bosch2006, Jul 8, 9:25 am

central city dunham st

grad111, Jul 8, 9:25 am

Stars are still out in the east.

unclewainwright, Jul 8, 9:26 am

Right. so it's snowing on one street in the cbd?

2bit, Jul 8, 9:28 am

Someone could be snorting the snow

bosch2006, Jul 8, 9:31 am

On "Dunham" st too.

shakirafan, Jul 8, 9:31 am


bosch2006, Jul 8, 9:33 am

cashel street city end

rollydog1, Jul 8, 9:35 am

Same in Kaiapoi.

pommie777, Jul 8, 9:39 am

Yip we just got it here in Kainga.

mousiemousie, Jul 8, 9:47 am

Hereford Street here, nothing.

francesca11, Jul 8, 9:48 am

Clear out here

harrislucinda, Jul 8, 9:48 am

Hail is frozen to our veranda in Addington.

addington261, Jul 8, 9:49 am

U must have it now if its in kainga

bosch2006, Jul 8, 9:50 am

:-( Stopped now. Well I guess they were right it did snow. even if it was only for 3 mins. lol

mousiemousie, Jul 8, 9:50 am

i missed it in burnside.

jane310567, Jul 8, 9:51 am

A few flakes just started.

pommie777, Jul 8, 9:52 am

Lol. So cashel and durham but not hereford.

2bit, Jul 8, 9:52 am

None in Linwood yet

granny98, Jul 8, 10:14 am

they totally screwed up the forecast for ashburton. weren't expecting snow but not even a cloud. stars out , no wind potential for a good frost unless things change later.

treecave, Jul 8, 10:16 am

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