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smf6661, Apr 26, 1:55pm
did you get paid by SR for having your contents picked up & stored & returned to your new house.We had made arrangements to have that done & now we have found out SR wont pay for any storage fees & we will be out for 36 +.We havent got any money left as they took the interest money from the 111000 that EQC paid us & now we are broke.

kiwicarol, Apr 26, 9:01pm
Unless you had an advanced contents policy you do not get storage cover.
They cannot take the interest on your EQC cap payment but you must pay the excess.
Red Cross may still have a grant that assist with storage.
Many folk without storage just move their possessions with them as one would normally do when moving house.

smf6661, Apr 27, 2:45am
Thanks for that,when I said they took the interest money it was because we got paid out $111000 & we had to give SR just on $21000 so that was all the interest gone.We cant take all our stuff with us as we are going from a 3 bedroom to a 2,I will work some thing out.We didnt even get to pick what builders we were having they did, plus what cladding we were having & now they have picked out the outside colours,Im starting to wonder whose house it is.

granny98, Apr 27, 6:42am
Red Cross grants are still available

barneymiller, Apr 27, 6:50am
I do not belive they can dictate what cladding you have. if there was brick before you can have brick or they may want to settle out of policy and give you something else. I would go back to SR and say that they are trying to settle out of policy and tell them that you want like for like or something you prefer not them.

ferrarigirl, Apr 27, 6:51am
I'm amazed the RC still has money left. I saw this grant being abused soo many times in my old job. People very well off pleading poverty and ripping off the Red Cross of all people. Shame on them. Very pleased to hear there is still money in the coffers for those who genuinely need it

wanderer52, Apr 27, 8:26am
Ferrarigirl, Those Red Cross benefits were for ALL residents who suffered loss. They are NOT means tested and everyone who qualifies can get the benefit. Those who have money are NOT cheating by claiming the benefit, they do not have to plead poverty. Poverty has nothing to do with deserving a Red Cross benefit. There is no shame in claiming what is allowed. Get ya facts right.

ferrarigirl, Apr 27, 8:31am
Excuse me. Maybe they are available for all, but I feel they were abused by many of the people I dealt with who gleefully claimed the $ and then spent 6 months holidaying in Europe while their homes were repaired. Sorry, but I was offended by that. Just because someone may legally eligible for something doesn't make it morally right IMO

buyit59, Apr 27, 9:12am
Please explain how "many" people you know of who went to Europe . I don't know of anyone who went away whilst out of their home for repairs or rebuilds apart from a school holiday with the kids. Yes I claimed the Red Cross Benefit and it was used to good effect with 4 moves before we could get into a home again .

ferrarigirl, Apr 27, 9:22am
I know of 2 couples who went to Europe, 1 went to Thailand, another 2 to Australia and another couple who went to Sweden - of all places. All for extended stays during the period their homes were being repaired/rebuilt. Even in the 1000s that have had to do the same - that to me is an offensive number claiming charity when they very obviously did not need it. I have absolutely no issue with people accessing help when needed - but those couples - to me - were absolutely taking the p*ss

si50, Apr 27, 9:28am
OP even for those with advanced contents insurance, there is only $2000 for storage. That doesn't go far! Most people I know have rented a place with a garage, used that to store some of their excess stuff and parked the car outside.

ferrarigirl, Apr 27, 9:41am
OP sometimes a storage container onsite can be cheaper than paying for removalists to take contents to storage and then back again . May be an option. Even look at purchasing a container and then selling it again when you have finished with it can be financially more viable

buyit59, Apr 27, 9:42am
Just maybe the people who went to on extended o/seas trips had family or friends to go to see and/or stay with . Even if it was just a trip then good on them ( they spent their own $$ as well as any grant they got ). If they had to go though the stress of repairs/rebuild and were confident enough to do it without being here to check on progress then I salute them . Since you disagree with the claiming of these grants I assume you donated your commission earned to the Red Cross . or did you profit through someones misfortunate abuse to the Red Cross as well ?

ferrarigirl, Apr 27, 10:03am
Yes, I'm sure the clients who took their kids on a Swiss skiing holiday were hard up and needed the Red Cross help. I'm sure the people of wider NZ who donated to the RC after the 'quakes hoped their hard earned $ would help someone holiday to a place they could only dream about. I didn't say I disagreed with it when necessary which was most of the people I dealt with - I said I disagreed with the scalping of charity from those who own multi million dollar properties in Scarborough, Sumner, Fendalton and the like and didn't Need it yet were more than happy to Take it. If that's ok with you, then fine. I found it offensive. I didn't earn 1 red cent commission. nor did we use a red cross grant as we had the financial ability to pay for ourselves - which we are very grateful for. I made no profit whatsoever either, I was a cog in the machine - not the machine. I left that job after 3 years as the stress was taking its toll - seeing those with nothing being penalised over and over and those with much - reaping the benefits.

onzy, Apr 27, 10:24am
I doubt very much if anyone used the Red Cross grants to fund overseas travel. They may have used their temporary accomodation cover to fund it.That was totally acceptable to use that way and i know of an insurance claims manager who suggested it to a friend.
We were a red zone family who had a house that was a repair. We came out very badly financially as we were not paid full replacement for our home.
We were very grateful to have the grants from Red Cross to go towards legal costs involved in selling our land to the govt etc. We ended up renting until we found a new home and believe me rents in Christchurch were so expensive.

ferrarigirl, Apr 27, 10:36am
They didn't use the grants to fund their o/s travel, they claimed it for their repairs/ shifting of household goods etc when they very obviously didn't NEED it. That is my point, and that is what I feel annoyed about. If you own a multi million $ property and can escape off-shore for months while your home is fixed - why are you claiming charity? Why is the little old lady down the road struggling and stressing, when these people are claiming $ I feel they have no moral right to and she is left sleeping with a hammer at night because her doors wont close anymore.
We were red zone also. The house was absolutely destroyed - split in half, you could see 10cm of daylight right through the middle of it - after the Sep quake and completely uninhabitable so I'm not just some person who has no idea spouting off. ( I may be spouting off, but not without experience )

smf6661, Apr 27, 12:47pm
We cant have a container as our land has to be remidiated down over 1.5 mtrs & to the person who said they cant tell what type of cladding that you can have.They told us what we have to have! as we cant have brick again as its too heavy & didnt give us any other option.Yes I also know of people that have ripped off some grants etc & lived the high life for a while but my husband wont ask for any finanical help hes 65 & not going to change now.It just seems nothing goes right for us EQC still havent paid us for the carpets or drapes & keep telling me we are on the list to be paid (when hell freezes over).The people in the front have been a rebuild for only the last 8 months & they have been paid out & for us its been over 4 years.

jaybee116, Apr 28, 9:40am
OP Are you sure it was 21,000 of interest money you had to pay? It sounds an awful lot. I got more money than that from EQC and have not had anything like that much interest over the last four years.

smf6661, Apr 28, 12:35pm
Sorry that was my mistake EQC paid us out $111000 & we had to pay SR just on $121000 so that took all the interest money that we received.I have a beautiful garden & planters & Im going to lose all of that which is really upsetting me,I started to dig some plants out but now Ive lost all interest in it & I dont care about getting a new house either.

david_270, Apr 28, 6:42pm
I hope you are using the support services that have been set up to help you. RAS, CIAS, Earthquake Support Co-ordinators.
All your dealings with EQC and IC should be covered in writing - follow up any phone conversation with an email, so that you create a paper trail of who said what to who & when.
At a guess EQC may have deducted emergency repairs from your payout. Do you have details of all EQC payouts? There were lots of mistakes made by EQC, and rip-offs by contractors, so there may be issues you can contest. Use the OIA to get your information - you may need to do it several times as they are erratic in what they supply. If they don't supply info or lie to you etc, use the complaint system, and if that doesn't work well, do a subsequent complaint. You can also use your MP to help, although the Nats have withdrawn the funding for the extra help in MP's offices. Get the Cancern newsletters, that will tell you what is available & happening. Visit the new "In the Know" hub at Eastgate.

barneymiller, Apr 28, 10:39pm
I think you can have bricks. I am TC3 and can have heavy cladding i just need stone colums going down 15 meters. The insurance company do not want to pay for this but they have too. It is what my policy entitles me too.

smf6661, Apr 29, 1:26am
Thanks david_270 & barneymiller but Ive no more fight left in me after having cancer removed again last month it has knocked me on my butt.My husband left every thing up to me to deal with (hes always been like this) & I cant do it any more.I received a ph call this morning from EQC about the drapes & carpet & I was fine one minute then started crying my eyes out a few minutes later & couldnt stop the poor woman at the other end must of thought I was a right nutter.Plus I just received an email from SR saying they will pay for storage up to $2000 its doing my head in & Im scared I will have another stroke grr.

granny98, Apr 29, 2:25am
aww, I hope you'll be ok, hugs

ferrarigirl, Apr 29, 4:59am
That is just dreadful OP. Not sure where in CHCH you are, but I know Clayton Cosgrove was a wonderful help to many in his district. If you have the energy, try giving a few places a call, I will try and remember who it was exactly I used to refer people to . 1 was the Sallies I'm pretty sure, they had people who could advocate on your behalf when it became too much to cope with. I hope things improve dramatically for you and I will try and remember for you.

david_270, Dec 5, 5:04pm
Call CIAS. They may do a lot of this for you. They exist to help people in your situation.

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