CCC Coastal Flooding vs EQC Increased Flooding

rusticdog, Sep 4, 4:22am
I'm a touch confused about what's going on.

When I spoke to EQC last week, they indicated they were hoping to get all the Increased Flooding Vulnerability sorted by end of this year, by sorted I mean got in touch with people letting them know if they are impacted and options going forward etc.

CCC however, have put our property into the proposed Coastal Inundation Management Area 2, with submissions closing very soon.

Both are based on 1 in 100 year events, one could mean increased risk is EQ related, the other is erosion/sea level rise.

So am I just in an overlapping area (close to Linwood Mall), is the Coastal Inundation area taking into account EQCs reports due later, or am I about to just be shafted by a shift in the cause of the increased flooding risk.

jonners2013, Sep 4, 5:07am
If EQC can prove that your property is more at risk of flooding due to the earthquakes, then you will probably receive a payout for that.

What the council is looking at now, doesn't really have anything directly to do with the earthquakes. They are simply redoing their flood risk mapping assessments. Your property could for eg be in a flood prone area because of expected sea level rises - nothing to do with earthquakes.

The real flood prone areas of Christchurch were always significantly larger than what was shown on the old District Plan maps. All that's happening now is those maps are getting updated.

corkranb, Sep 4, 7:17pm
You are a bit misguided there Jonnors. To say land that has sunk as a direct result of the earthquake will have no bearing on flooding zones or mapping is not correct and I doubt if EQC will even reimburse people adequately for the land which will become uninsurable. Also
If the proposed changes are accepted then:
- Bare land becomes worthless.
- New development in coastal areas would be severely restricted meaning new builds, units, infill housing and subdivisions will not comply.
- There are no provisions for protection or hazard mitigation.
- No requirement for the CHC City Council to replace or provide new community facilities or developments.

jonners2013, Jun 9, 3:17pm
I didn't say that it will have no bearing. What I'm saying is that to a degree it's sort of an indirect correlation. Obviously if land is more flood prone because of the earthquakes, that will be reflected in these new maps.

What EQC are currently working on is assessing any Increased Flood Vulnerability (IFV) that can be directly attributed to the earthquakes. There are set criteria that the engineers have adopted to test whether a particular piece of land fits into this category. If it does, then that property is assessed to see if and how much value it has lost. That loss in value, as determined through the EQC systems/criteria, will then be paid to the affected property owner.

What's confusing for everyone is that the rework of the District Plan is happening concurrently with the EQC IFV work. As I say, the two things are separate but obviously related.

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