Opinions Please on Ilam School

iwattsy, Feb 3, 7:56am
Thinking of sending my child to this school, if anyone has sent their children or knows anything about if good or bad I would appreciate your opinion many thanks

iwattsy, Feb 4, 2:37am
thank you I am zoned but have a place at Fendalton school too, so bit confused as I don't know much about either school

devine-spark, Feb 4, 4:55am
My son went to Ilam school and loved it. It was great having the uni next door too as sometimes the kids got extended education opportunities or were mentored by someone there. I found it great too as I would walk him to school and wander through the uni grounds, have coffee, or go to the bookshop there. It was a great time for us.

iwattsy, Feb 4, 7:03am
Thank you, yes being able to walk through those beautiful grounds of the uni is def a bonus

blackcats13, Feb 4, 8:08am
I live in Wigram but chose to send my son to Ilam , he loved it, great little school , he has learning disability and he got great support from majority of the teachers there, always found principal excellent to deal with

cjh1, Feb 4, 8:26am
My daughter is there. My only issues is that they use problem solving method not long addition, multiplication and division and the school has no time for music and drama within the curriculum. Otherwise good

blairhs, Feb 4, 9:06am
I thought all schools did this these days? It's called the Numeracy Project.

iwattsy, Feb 4, 9:32am
Thanks so much to everyone for your comments, anyone know anything about Fendalton School

calista, Feb 4, 9:42am
Just to add - I know a woman who has been very involved in education whose grandchildren go to Ilam and she is very impressed with the school.

tavendale1, Feb 4, 8:23pm
Fendalton teachers generally fab. Some put in Incredible effort. If your child needs anything out of the ordinary you won't get it. Talks the walk but will not provide. Friendly environment

esawers, May 14, 10:16am
My son started at Ilam in February, we have been impressed so far.
Only thing I know to compare the two is that fendalton is really pushing the modern learning environment, Ilam does a little bit. Fendalton is big on IT (i believe you can log in to the website for notices etc) while Ilam sends out forests worth of paperwork.

However we LOVE Ilam school, teachers are fantastic, children are happy.

They push maths/reading/writing more than other subjects (music/drama) but I have also heard the Ilam students are far ahead in maths when they get to Intermediate.

young1, Nov 26, 3:03pm
My daughter went to Ilam school and it was a great school.

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