iwattsy, Feb 4, 8:55pm
has any that would be great, I have asked about Ilam in a seperate thread but just wanting to know peoples thoughts about Fendalton too thank you

honest-reliable, Feb 4, 9:53pm
why start this when you asked the same question in the other thread and got your answers?

iwattsy, Feb 4, 10:44pm
I did not get answers on Fendalton school and think the title of the other has attracted Ilam School parents only. whats it to you? Do YOU have children at either school that you can offer any opinion about?

supersapper, Feb 4, 11:39pm
The last post in your other thread has a positive comment about fendalton school. I have generally only heard good things about both.

devine-spark, Feb 5, 12:35am
Both good schools, Ilam was our pick as we went through this years ago. I based our pick on the extension program at the time, but also the walk to school was a nice one and my child and I really enjoyed years of pottering to and from school via the uni. Found the teachers excellent.

si50, Feb 5, 6:52am
both good. Go visit. See what you like. Check you are in zone.

tavendale1, Feb 6, 1:16am
Fendalton charges termly for extension programmes. Also the gates coordinator just quit

iwattsy, Feb 6, 2:18am
Oh really, wasnt it a lady Alison? do you know why she quit

tavendale1, Feb 7, 12:59am
Alison still there. Sue has resigned

iwattsy, Feb 7, 2:21am
Oh no not a teacher Sue Gordon, ive been told shes amazing

articferrit, Feb 7, 3:02am
Read their ERO reports on line, and go and have a look around in the weekend, see if the class walls are interesting etc, and with luck you might run into kids and parents who go to the school, and ask them.

iwattsy, Feb 7, 3:14am
thanks great idea

henpen, Feb 7, 3:23am
My two oldest went to Fendalton and until they both reached Year 6 IMO the calibre of teacher was pretty patchy. There were a couple of good teachers in years 1-5 but definitely the three teachers currently taking Year 6 are (again IMO) the best. We all have different takes on things but I felt there was just such a high turnover of staff there that it made it difficult to build on teaching strategy year on year. Mine have been away for about 6 years now and not one teacher from their 1-5 years is still there. At that stage I still preferred a more traditional learning environment while I think Fendalton is very, very IT focused. My third is at another school and I just love it. It really suits us especially given that Fendalton doesn't have the strong music focus that our current school does and not everything (at current school) has an IT component. It's courses for horses though and I know of families who have moved either way (out of Fendalton/into to Fendalton). I have a friend who put her last child through Ilam rather than Fendalton where her others went and she is very happy with the move. Also, it won't be Sue Gordon who is leaving but Sue Williams.

iwattsy, Feb 7, 3:53am
wow henpen, many thanks thats super info much appreciated

si50, Feb 7, 5:44am
there ARE still staff from 5 years ago!

tavendale1, Jan 27, 5:49am
If budget tight have a look at school fees also particularly if your children could be selected for the extension programs. Easy to get charged near $1k for two children excluding camps stationery and sport at fendalton. If music a strong point then fendalton not as strong as Elwood. Music teacher is lovely and there are some fab tutors but the school had an extreme IT focus

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