Clothing alteration/dress maker on east side

cartooncath, Mar 6, 7:09pm
Looking for a good alterations place. Have a few pairs of trousers I would like taken up and also maybe a jacket altered if it can be and also making of a garment. Priority is the trousers. Looking for someone that is not going to cost me an arm and a leg to get trousers taken up. Any suggestions for people on the east side of town?

miffycat1, Mar 6, 7:44pm
There is a very good alteration shop, top end of Hills Road, close to Innes Road.

lambrat, Mar 6, 9:07pm
bambi run a service, they're on gloucester st, beside the strip shops opposite the bp, can't miss the old villa.
there used to be a woman in one of that strip of shops who did alterations too, but i presume there just wasn't enough traffic once massive road works began in that area. not sure whether bambi are now acting as her agents.

waleedwahsh, Mar 6, 9:32pm
A lady from Stitchity Cottage did my husbands. She was super fast and friendly and cheap too - either $10 or $15 to shorten pants, plus did 5 and gave the 6th free or something. She lives off Linwood ave.

Listing #: 678978507

honest-reliable, Mar 6, 11:21pm
she was great

cartooncath, Mar 7, 1:34am
Thanks so much everyone, certainly got plenty to choose from.

magpie-mayhem, Jan 7, 10:53am
Her name is Kim (Top Stitch), just found her card 027 229 3574. She does alterations, repairs & hems. Have had a number of alterations/hems done with Kim and always been pleased with the finished product plus she's a lovely woman to deal with and is based near to where her shop was on Gloucester Street.

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