Fibre cable installation

does anyone know if they come and repair/replace destroyed grass buerms /strips outside peoples houses? Ours is wreaked from their work.

tdf_, Aug 5, 8:41 pm

Yes they but usually a very rough job with crap grass seed mostly weeds!

jules555, Aug 5, 9:00 pm

as above, they seem to usually make a token effort. whilst it's frustrating, it isn't your land, so probably little that you can do.

jonners2013, Aug 5, 9:04 pm

Had mine done 2 days ago,perfect job! no mess here the man left grass perfect.

jessebird, Aug 6, 7:48 am

I phoned them 3 times.
We're a corner site and ended up with a massive trench as well as a deep hole that kept sinking.
It wasn't until the postie hurt herself and NZ Post kicked up a stink that it got sorted.
But as others have said - its not grass seed they throw down its just weeds. We ended up poisoning what they put down and buying some Yates seed.

shannie1998, Aug 7, 3:49 pm

They destroyed our letter box twice once when they were digging the trench and then when they came back to do the ashfelt. Ruff as work.

gtrb26, Sep 27, 2:33 am

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