Why are there so many terrible drivers in Chch?

i cant believe they are allowed to drive legally. they drive terribly and are very angry at others.

metaller, Jun 13, 4:14 pm

You never driven in Auckland?

craftylady1, Jun 13, 4:17 pm

i dont drive period

metaller, Jun 13, 4:23 pm

Dead right!

bratpack06, Jun 13, 4:48 pm

I can't believe the amount of elderly who are still allowed to drive ! Driving home yesterday down Yaldhurst Road bout 2.30 & old guy in front was doing 40 in a 60 zone BUT he kept "drifting " & at times was in the two lanes ! I was so worried he would side swipe another car

lyndad59, Jun 13, 5:07 pm

If you were a driver as opposed to a passenger, you might have a bit more understanding of why some drivers get a little bit 'tense', with the road conditions and navigational challenges around here!

Christchurch does have a bit of a rep, but truly I find drivers more likely to allow people in, merge, and allow people to cross lines when they wish to get out to the other side than they used to. On the other hand, the orange/red light running has got truly appalling. And yes, tempers can get a little bit on the frayed side.

There are good drivers and bad drivers and angry drivers everywhere. Certainly in New Zealand.

mbos, Jun 13, 5:44 pm

the terrifying thing is that they are so bad that they don't even know it. they are completely ignorant of both the rules and basic judgement. this is NZ wide, not just ChCh.

jonners2013, Jun 13, 5:52 pm

I was able to reduce my stress levels considerably by canning the car and riding the bicycle. Very relaxing.
I have noticed that there is a lot of red light running going on. I havn't seen that many people on cellphones lately though.

tygertung, Jun 13, 6:03 pm

That is my current total wind-up - and how many dunderheads and sapskulls seem to think that texting either doesn't count or isn't noticed!

mbos, Jun 13, 6:07 pm

rolling through stop signs is the norm rather than an exception. same for drifting over the centre line.

jonners2013, Jun 13, 6:13 pm

The drivers which you speak of are all from outta town

starskey, Jun 13, 6:43 pm

why are you moaning then, gosh we go to Auckland at least once a year and the drivers up there are shocking, doesn't matter where you are in the world you will see bad drivers, so why did you even start this thread,

kids4ever, Jun 13, 10:17 pm

thats when you should have rang star555 and told the cops, he could have had a health problem, best not to jump to conclusions when it may have been a real reason for it. Same thing happened to me some time ago, I thought I had pulled over on a motorway as I felt ill, some nice person did stop and rang for ambo, I was having a stroke, and I thought I had pulled over to side of road but I actually stopped in the middle of the road, I thank god I didn't kill someone, and the couple that stopped told my daughter that I was all over the road, and they felt something was really wrong, so I myself would never think or presume about a driver doing that, so as said ring star555, you may save a life,cheers

kids4ever, Jun 13, 10:25 pm

No I don't think so ,he had his little wife sitting beside him ! I followed him for quite a while & it just seemed to be the way he drove !

lyndad59, Jun 13, 10:43 pm

White hatchback? One elderly man went straight through a red light and almost hit me. If I was 2 seconds quicker to the intersection then he would have run right in to me.

I'm going to buy a dash cam.

stevexc, Jun 14, 7:43 am

That's right, it's the tourist drivers! I forgot about that. All locals are excellent drivers, it's those pesky tourists we have to worry about.

jonners2013, Jun 14, 8:46 am

I almost got cleaned up by a Cop yesterday.

He turned right at a round a bout. Problem is that he didn't indicate. He also cut off a driver entering the round a bout from his left. I could see him the whole time, he never even looked or slowed down.

He slammed his skids on just before he hit me. Then the arrogant prick decided to pull me up. He tried to write me a ticket for reckless driving.

He wouldn't call his supervisor so I called 111.

If he had have written out that ticket, I would have had to go to court to defend myself at a greater cost than the ticket.

I'm glad the car behind me stopped to witness or it would have been my word against his and they look after their own.

digga7, Jun 14, 10:23 am

Personal bugbears:
Lack of indication, particularly when changing lanes and merging and on leaving a roundabout.
Speeding up to try and merge ahead of the car in front of them in the other lane.
Drivers overtaking in intersections and roundabouts. This has happened to me several times in the last year or so, never beforehand. Shits inducing.

One of the truck drivers at my work tells daily stories of lunacy on the streets; at times he's arrived shaking after a delivery. Always calls *555 if he can. I have to say he has helped me improve my own bad driving habits! Of which I like to think, like many people, that I have very few ;)

I admit I sometimes run an orange light. There is a busy intersection on my way to work where the green turning arrow often has a 2 second flash (I've timed it!) and a two minute wait for the next one. At these times the light is always red by the time a truck and trailer has completely entered the intersection.

In my limited experience, I've been impressed by drivers in Nelson.

rua69, Jun 14, 11:16 am

Any vehicle entering a roundabout must give way to any vehicle on it.

You can't be telling this story right.

astrophe, Jun 14, 11:20 am

Tailgating is my gripe ??. and I am going the speed limit. Still not fast enough for some. They weave in and out of traffic tailgating others and often end up only a few seconds ahead.

kiwitel, Jun 14, 11:27 am

I initiated a new procedure the other day for dealing with tailgaters.
There was someone following me very closely and they didn't appear to back off at all. I slowed down a bit as it was unsafe how close they were following. Once I reached 30 kmh I just touched the brake with my foot to activate the lights then ripped up the handbrake. This doesn't slow the car very much but it has the appearance of slowing the car as the back wheels are locked. Locked wheels have very little traction so it doesn't slow up the car very much at all however it has the sound and appearance that the car is having a rapid reduction in speed.
This appeared to startle the car behind and they then backed off consderably, maybe 200 metres!

tygertung, Jun 14, 11:36 am

Poor move all right. They might have assumed the cop was leaving the roundabout. So many people don't indicate when they do this that it's nearly a given. Me, I'll wait and see, even to the tooting consternation of a queue behind me!

rua69, Jun 14, 11:36 am

and that's exactly the problem. the entire design of a roundabout is so that you don't need to come to a complete stop to check for traffic. but because everyone thinks they're too important to need to indicate, the whole system stops working as it should.

it all comes down to the fact that most people are selfish a*seholes.

jonners2013, Jun 14, 12:24 pm

No, that's not the problem (first response to this). That's RIGHT.

Never rely on indicators. Always ensure you know exactly where a vehicle is going before you proceed into an otherwise-collision route.

astrophe, Jun 14, 12:26 pm

no i dont understand it at all,when traffic light is green and im walking on the pedestrian crossing then some drivers shout at me for crossing the street.!

metaller, Jun 14, 2:29 pm

The other annoyance. when someone turning right into a 2 lane road will give way to all the opposing traffic turning left into the same road, even though both have their own lane to turn into. Example: 5:30pm last night turning right from Antigua St into Brougham to head onto motorway, car at head of right turning queue gives way to all the cars turning left which is every car. Lights turn orange and as they haven't moved into the intersection, nobody gets to turn. By this time, the queue of 5 vehicles turning right have filled the turning bay and have also blocked the straight through lane. Next cycle of green light, front driver again does the give way to everything routine, and light again turns orange and nobody has moved including straight through traffic. Was 4 green lights before they decided they actually had their own lane to turn into. I can imagine the traffic was backed up to Moorehouse Ave and beyond, pretty much not moving. Amazing how 1 person not obeying a basic road rule on an already traffic congested street, can bring that entire street to a complete standstill.

nzmax, Jun 14, 3:00 pm

Well that's very poor driving, and very bad manners. And as I said, you will get drivers with these issues, and a bad attitude, everywhere, and anywhere. Otherwise road rage articles on the News, and incidents involving pedestrians would only ever be located in Christchurch.

mbos, Jun 14, 3:47 pm

No I'm not. I meant cut off the vehicle on his right, not left sorry.

Yes, that is true. I was already on it when the cop came flying through. So was everyone else who he cut off. I didn't speed up to avoid him because there was no indication so I thought he was going straight through.

digga7, Jun 14, 5:07 pm

Lol, its not a Christchurch problem. I told my daughter, whom I taught to drive (Mrs B here) and just got her Restricted, if you and your mates can learn to drive well in these conditions (Christchurch) you can drive ANYWHERE. Its not till you go on holiday from this crumpled up city with its 50 million roadcones, GPS that says "turn left", "turn left", "turn left" (I CAN'T TURN FRIGGIN LEFT THERE IS A ROAD CLOSURE), detours, holes in the road that weren't there yesterday, flooded parts of roads, roads that need to be closed yesterday, that you realise that wow, there are nice roads in NZ cities, just not here! So if Chch drivers are a little techy, or not up to the rest of the country's "high" standards, don't come here, because it aint going to get any better for around 20 years.

brightlights60, Jun 14, 7:37 pm

Ch Ch motorist are to accepting of bad driving. I give any inconsiderate drivers a blast of the horn to make them aware of there crap driving.

claire351, Jun 14, 10:23 pm

You should have waited to see. Indicators aren't to be relied on, as you've discovered.

astrophe, Jun 15, 9:54 am

and i was walking across a pedestrian crossing then this asshole driver speeded up towards me.

metaller, Jun 15, 2:23 pm

Not indicating in a round about is the one that drives me mental. Its not that hard people!

-weasel-, Jun 15, 6:54 pm

Christchurch drivers all driving well below the speed limit. QE2 drive it is 80 not 50.
Also why does Christchurch have so many dedicated cycle lanes but no one uses them and then they want to spend more money on cycle lanes.
Motor bikes lane splitting at speed.

greenfruit1, Jun 15, 7:34 pm

I nearly T Boned a driver today who turned right when I was turning left, a few choice words are on the dash cam footage

griev, Jun 15, 7:38 pm

Huh? What are you even talking about I have never seen so many cyclists ever, every morning on Creyke Road I count at least 30 cyclists going by while waiting for my bus. Just because YOU can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there.

xmakara, Jun 15, 8:57 pm

It doesn't help that heaps of drivers turning left turn directly into the right lane as well. Some people just shouldn't be on the road when they don't know the road rules

hayster94, Jun 16, 6:54 am

quite often,there's no cycle lanes on the streets though and some drivers drive in the cycle lanes

metaller, Jun 16, 12:04 pm

I was travelling behind a white van today and it indicated right to turn left into Glandovey road from fendalton road. Quite standard fare for Christchurch.

geoone, Jun 16, 1:20 pm

So many dedicated cycle lanes? Tui anyone?

puddleduck00, Jun 16, 1:21 pm

Why aren,t they allowed to drive? they have everything else taken off them, may as well curl up and die, they don,t have much left.

jessebird, Jun 16, 3:14 pm

What makes you think that it had anything to do with his age? He could have been drunk.

blb71, Jun 16, 3:24 pm

I saw someone do the same today down Wairakei road but they indicated left and turned right. That kind of mistake doesn't even make sense. Even if someone was drunk I think they would still indicate in the correct direction lol

hayster94, Jun 16, 3:53 pm

Ford Focus?

The indicator stalk is on the other side.

Some people (stupid people) get used to "down means turn right and up means turn left" rather than "turn towards the right means turn right and turn towards the left means turn left".

When the stalk is on the other side of the steering wheel shaft, these people get it backwards.

astrophe, Jun 17, 6:20 pm

After people the whole problem is law enforcement.

rover79, Jun 18, 9:54 am

People go through red lights because they've sat at the same set of lights for 4 or 5 rounds and they bloody want to get on. If the traffic management of the repairs was managed a tad better, you wouldn't have such impatient drivers!

2bit, Jun 18, 1:51 pm

there are so many drivers here who dont give way to pedestrian or cyclists and they swear at you

metaller, Jun 20, 1:25 pm

Yes, well, there are also cyclists that don't give way to pedestrians, and almost hit them and then swear at them.

Then there's the ruddy great clowns of pedestrians who wander through heavy fast flowing traffic only 20 metres from where they could have safely crossed at a light controlled crossing, not endangering themselves, or anybody else. And then swear at the motorist that has just had to slam on the brakes HARD to avoid turning their warm body into a cold carcass and just about been rear ended for doing so, by the car behind them - who is ALSO swearing at them.

mbos, May 3, 4:19 am

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