Califont help

goatchickens, Jun 24, 2:49am
Didn't really know where else to put this.

Anyone have a califont? We have a Bosch one, 27L/min, use to clean milking machine, so it's only used a short while each day. Today, it started up this high-pitched whine that wouldn't stop till I shut off the water at the hose, and then started up again, with water flowing. Water also running hot, and then tepid, then cold, then take a wee while to run hot again. It's a fresh LPG tank, only been there a week or so. any ideas for trouble-shooting?

anjouc, Jun 24, 5:18am
try in gardening & diy

lee289, Jun 24, 9:53am
LPG could be to cold ?

goatchickens, Jun 25, 12:18am
Thanks. have had a few others comment on the LPG getting too cold. Weird! Never even thought of that.

tygertung, Jun 25, 6:36pm
Butane doesn't like it below -0.5 I believe so only the propane component will be gassing off if it is colder than that perhaps?

zoopa, Mar 30, 3:23pm
Its a weird one. It will burn, but won't boil water if it gets too cold. Found out the hard way when I was hiking in the snow

It's probably not feasible for you to put the cylinder under the covers with you at night. lol

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