Flights to Wellington return next week.

jane310567, May 23, 5:56am
now can't go - not refundable - do you know if I can list on T/me - doesn't seem to be any on here?

craftylady1, May 23, 6:08am
no. u cant

jane310567, May 23, 6:53am
bugger - wondered why they had flights section under travel but no listings!

craftylady1, May 23, 7:10am
Cant even give them away. Has been done, but they do random checks where u have to show ID. Would be very confusing if Mrs Smith was travelling on Mrs Jones tickets, and the plane crashed. Mrs Jones would still be "onboard", but in actual fact, it would be Mrs Smith. if u get my drift

stickman4u, May 23, 7:12am
Travel, events & activities

fineo, May 23, 8:10am
Company I worked for sent drivers and excavator operators all over NZ ,all on air tickets made out in either of their names so they got the air points.
Self service check in 1 bag,never a problem with name on tickets.

astrophe, May 23, 8:10am
Maybe not here, but someone will buy them.

When was the last time you were asked for ID for a domestic flight?

I travel 1-2 times a year for work, okay that's not a lot, but in the last 10-12 flights I can remember, I have never been asked, nor seen anyone else ever asked, for ID.

southislandswim, Sep 9, 2:44pm
There's a rolleston buy sell on face book there may be one for other areas. Worth a try I've seen tickets before on there

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