Govt backtracks on $7m Victoria Square revamp

pam.delilah, Jul 16, 8:26am
Victoria Square will remain largely unchanged after a Government backtrack on its unpopular $7 million redevelopment plans.

The move is being described as a "victory for the residents of Christchurch" by the group who fought against the Christchurch Central Development Unit's (CCDU) plans to develop the square.

The floral clock and all of the trees, statues, flagpoles and the heritage phone box will remain under the new Victoria Square draft restoration plan released by Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Associate Minister Nicky Wagner on Wednesday. The Bowker Fountain would be restored to its former glory and lit at night. There would be a shared path for cyclists and walkers.
New features included additional seating, new lighting, existing paths will be widened, paving upgraded and artwork installed.

rasin11, Jul 16, 10:53am
WELL! Good to see they are making some good decisions. Hope they put the money onto something else in the city tho'

slimgym, Jul 16, 1:35pm
Now all we have to do is stop spending money on art, and get the streets and waste water fixed

taion, Jul 19, 10:31pm
is it really back tracking, or just cutting costs lol

dudekrulz, Jul 20, 7:35am
Art is a minimal cost really. You forget the importance of culture to the mental state of a populace. Also they are getting them fixed but it's a massive project and won't happen overnight.

xxsaffyxx, Jul 22, 6:57am
That's great news. I couldn't see anything wrong with how it is. Have always enjoyed being there.

2bit, Nov 27, 2:09pm
I think you'll find that the majority of people don't give a flying f&^% about a giant bloody fan sphere and it's ilk, as long as they can flush the loo and have the power on. Screw art, let's fix stuff people are relying on.

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