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bobin55, Aug 25, 9:35am
any good

ronash, Aug 25, 9:42am
I haven't actually got one but friends think theirs is great :-)

supersapper, Aug 25, 10:27am
My sister has one and is very pleased with the difference it makes in her bathroom.

tobie2, Aug 25, 10:30am
We have 2 and they are great. Makes a big difference to the steam on walls and ceilings.

trademegal, Aug 25, 10:32am
Yup great at stopping steam. also keeps you warmer in cold bathroom. Maybe not so good if you get claustrophobic.

goldclan, Aug 25, 10:20pm
We looked at them but decided it would make cleaning more difficult especially the top of the dome and after all if you ventilate your bathroom and use a wall heater for the short time you are showering why would you go to this extra expense?

pepper-nala, Aug 26, 12:02am
They great you can lift them off to clean, have one in sleepout and works great,

captaingraham, Aug 26, 3:43am
How good are they when you have a bath?

uswoman, Aug 26, 4:00am
We have one a love it. Not hard to clean; they don't need it all that often. Mirror and walls never have condensation on them. Don't need to run an extractor fan always. I usually grab my towel and dry off in the shower where it stays nice and warm!

jane310567, Aug 26, 6:17am
I find if you heat up the bathroom first you get much less steam.

fineo, Aug 26, 6:27am
A bit awkward as they have a rounded top ,so tend to roll all over the place and get water every where.

astrophe, Aug 26, 6:35am
Clearly never tried one.

That's actually a bit like saying "Look, I can walk to Sumner. It only takes 8 hours and I have to buy a new pair of shoes every month, but why would you bother with one of these "car" things if you can do it yourself?"

Honestly, they're just THAT much better.

treachug, Aug 26, 7:41am
Super claustrophobic I'd say

paxandtrax, Aug 26, 7:58am
Try white corflute sheet, more concealed, looks tidy and costs only $9 !

jennyp2, Aug 26, 8:08am
every suitable shower ( no curtains ) should have. people cant seem to get their head around no steam, therefore no fan needed, no open windows needed, no wiping of walls, mirrors etc. The top only needs cleaning twice a year and a duster makes short work. Id love to see all the houses that have moisture issues in the bathroom with one.Solve a heap of problems

maddie44, Aug 26, 8:26am
Bunnings have an equivalent that is around $100 cheaper than a shower dome*

maddie44, Aug 26, 8:30am
Polygal Twinwall Polycarbonate Roofing would be better , you wouldn't lose any light then

alister1, Aug 26, 8:59am
Sheet of flat acrylic does a better job lott cheaper

oskybosky, Aug 26, 9:17am
I tried one at a motel I was staying at while having house repairs done. First week no shower dome. Second and third week, shower dome. Really worked well for the steam BUT I couldn't stand the smell after the first week, it really stunk, hard to explain, just a real mouldy musty smell. Was put off the idea as a result. Sounds like lots of other people like them though.

bootsy2003, Aug 27, 6:06am
That's what I did too. Got a piece of acrylic cut to fit. Cuts out most of the steam if you don't leave the door open for too long when you hop out (I presume that's how it is for the expensive shower domes too). Can't see why it needs to be dome shaped.

astrophe, Aug 27, 8:10am
Did you open up the shower to air it out daily or just leave it closed all the time?

steph_s2, Aug 27, 8:15am
Our architect recommended AGAINST the shower dome He explained that the moisture makes its way to any corners and eventually CAUSES rot. I've seen it myself it goes BLACK. not nice if you have tiles etc

We prefered and chose a GOOD fan and ventilation system. very pricey too. could make your own with clear perspex plastic sheeting ?

astrophe, Aug 27, 8:18am
Your architect was wrong.

samanya, Aug 28, 6:09am
I might try that, thanks.
I don't have an issue with steam as i have a large bathroom . my issue is more of a draught while I'm showering, so something that I could put on top & take off easily for cleaning (& cheap) could be a goer.

jcmp21, Aug 28, 7:09am
Wouldn't it get really hot in there?

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