Whats that big noisy plane coming in to land?

just came in over the east and city

lambrat, Jun 18, 10:39 pm

might be the nasa plane with the telescope

jc239, Jun 18, 10:53 pm

It is a 747 SP aparently (The NASA plane that is). It has JT9D engines, my friend was involved with overhauling them over in Ireland a year or two ago.

tygertung, Jun 19, 12:09 am

It arrived sunday afternoon. went and had a look at it on the airport apron

craftylady1, Jun 19, 6:34 am

Maybe one of the american C-17 Globemasters

greenfruit1, Jun 19, 9:06 am

Possibly coming in to load up for the mid winter drop down in the Antarctic

craftylady1, Jun 19, 9:39 am

kayjoh, Jun 19, 10:38 am

thanks very much for that, it was the first link, a boeing 737, low

lambrat, May 7, 4:22 am

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