Thieves are around, Sewell St/Woodham Rd

zoopa, Jan 25, 9:08am
My car, parked on the road, and a neighbours car, up the drive, got tossed last night. I don't think he lost anything, I lost a couple of hand tools.

They sure made a bloody mess going through everything, and strangely enough, took a large roll of random receipts.

Just a heads up for everyone in area. Keep an eye out for dodgy bastards hanging around cars

supersapper, Jan 25, 9:34am
Thanks zoopa - will pass that on to my daughter who lives round there. Horrible thing to find when you go out in the morning.

zoopa, Feb 4, 8:13am
I didn't find it till this evening when I went to go get a curry.

Curry doesn't taste so good when you are pissed off.

I would suggest if your daughter has a front gate to shut the car behind, it would be prudent to do so. The vehicles behind mine were untouched.

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