Lilly Builders based in Kaiapoi

witchacool, May 28, 12:55am
Hi there, just wondering if any one has used this builder, we are looking at them to do our earthquake repairs? any opinions or recommendations? thanks

supersapper, May 28, 5:53am
Is he the guy (and/or his son) that owns the pub in Rolleston? Russell? If so, been around for a while, haven't heard anything negative about him (not to say there hasn't been issues).

witchacool, May 28, 6:04am
Hi I know that his name is Brett, not sure about his dad, so not too sure if its the same builder or not but thanks for the reply.

aj.2., May 28, 7:06am
He has been around for a long time, as good as any.
I worked on some site's as he did a few years ago.
Go with him, You are covered any way, because if you are not happy, then don't sign off the paper work, till you are happy.

witchacool, May 28, 9:04am
thanks for the feedback

unclewainwright, May 28, 10:56am
No not the same people. One is Lilly and the other is Lilley.

mrsv1, Aug 20, 3:10pm
They are fantastic, very organised, professional and get the job done right!

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