Do you think the flu bugs etc

wahinetoa62, Aug 25, 4:19am
that are causing havoc in the city especially in our home at the moment is linked to the stresses of our city living. I think so many of us are so run down from coping in our still broken wee city and the stresses we are still dealing with that we are more prone to bugs - I have work tomorrow but this flu is no fun either and it is my second dose of it in less than 2 months -

bandrach, Aug 25, 5:30am
I personally don't think so. It seems to be quite high all around the country. The rise in Syphilis on the other hand I think can be contributed towards Tinder and Ashlee Madison and the likes!

drcjp, Aug 25, 6:29am
I heard of someone who got the flu just from opening a grinder account. true story.

zoopa, Aug 25, 10:21pm
I think so OP. It would still happen, but perhaps more people are getting hit by it than normally would

moodybleu, Aug 25, 11:13pm
No. more likely that people are going to work, school, daycare etc when they should be at home looking after themselves.

stillwaters, Aug 26, 6:17am
managed to fight it off for weeks, while everyone around me got sick, but now have it too. It is horrible!, totally slams into you out of the blue. I found Mucinex great, I just couldn't shake the congestion with cough medicines.
And as my DIL said you know the flu is bad when they have a display of medications by the checkout where the lollies normally are.
My ribs are sooo sore from all the couging.
I do think I am more prone because I feel so run down, and I guess the same is true of many

tygertung, Jul 8, 4:16pm
I got the flu or something when I went on holiday to Vietnam, does that count?

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