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xmakara, Apr 26, 3:46am
At the Riccarton Mall Bus Stop, watching him dance with his radio. Ah dear, we are all amused.

honest-reliable, Apr 26, 4:44am
at least he is happy aye

swm00, Apr 26, 5:02am
Is he still around. I remember him from years ago!

doggybear, Apr 26, 5:05am
And? He's only doing what makes HIM happy. not to make others laugh at him!

xmakara, Apr 26, 5:08am
Yep! I see him all the time along Riccarton Road. :v

robyn35, Apr 26, 5:21am
see him every Sunday morning sitting in the mall with his box of cheds crackers and a bottle of coke, trusty radio on hand, he is always happy and smiling

honest-reliable, Apr 26, 9:02am
totally agree and I bet he is far happier than a lot of people on here that get on the MB and grizzle

-weasel-, Apr 26, 10:44am
Oh yes, God forbid he makes others happy aswell. That would be just terrible! How dare people laugh and smile and enjoy someone dancing in the street.
Ooooh sorry we are still in NZ, I thought we had gone to North Korea for a minute there.

doggybear, Apr 27, 4:21am
No. a lot of people laugh AT him! Don't you get it?

nightsky1, Apr 27, 5:17am
He's been around for ever and made a lot of people smile and laugh, in a good way.
Wish I knew his secret.

Used to be a guy in the square who fed seagulls all day. They trusted him like he was part of their family.
After he passed the council honoured him with a plaque
Mabey they could do a statue for RR.

junie2, Apr 27, 5:43am
Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but I felt that the original post was a bit of a sneer.Hope not, because like many other people, I enjoy seeing Radio Ron being happy. He and other Chch eccentrics lighten up our lives.

ferrarigirl, Apr 27, 6:08am
I wonder if there is a Radio Ron battery fund? Guy must go through heaps! I love seeing him out and about, he always seems a gentleman just out doing his thing. I loved overhearing a parent one day at the Ricc market explaining to their young child that some people may act a bit differently to most, but everyone deserves respect. He always brings a smile to my face. Never had the pleasure of meeting him, but I feel like he is a part of the fabric of ChCh.

jcmp21, Apr 27, 8:29am
There was a page set up on facebook mocking him. Not sure if it was on that page or it ended up in the paper but his family were talking about him and his real name etc. The people that seem to mock other people seem to almost always be more than a little dim themselves for some reason.

yaqub, Apr 27, 8:47am
He seems so happy. Atleast he is getting noticed. When he is gone, he will be remembered for years.

-weasel-, Apr 27, 9:19am

xmakara, Apr 27, 9:27am
I loved how people automatically assumed I was making fun of him.

onzy, Apr 27, 10:30am
He never seems to age that man. I can remember seeing him when i was a child walking around with his radio up to his ear. I am nearly 50 now and he still seems to look the same.
Good on him, he seems to be happy and enjoying life and why not.

junie2, Apr 27, 11:33am
Maybe it was because of that "ah dear, we are all amused" comment ?

slimgym, Apr 27, 2:36pm
I remember after the eqs he was one person alot of people worried about

jcmp21, Apr 27, 9:38pm
Yes my great grandmother used to talk of him also when she was a child seeing him around town, although back then he was carrying a gramophone and it had to be wound up.

craftylady1, Apr 27, 9:58pm
Was thinking the same thing. he has always looked the same since I first saw him many years ago

lil_tarnz, Apr 28, 3:47am
i used to see him in town all the time! along with the recorder singer guy with the bucket tied to his leg lol

lm446, Apr 28, 9:39am
Well, Coke does add life

doggybear, Apr 28, 1:12pm
Wow I am the admin of the Facebook page to appreciate him. No mocking anywhere. I would be careful?

dannyboy24, Apr 28, 6:26pm
Never seems to age? Witchcraft! Run him outta town !

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