Too many Toots!

bandit101, Jul 21, 7:47pm
I ride my bike to work virtually everyday for the last few years. Unfortunately since that idiot POLICEMAN gave a ticket I am now getting toots to move over. What is worst it can happen when travelling through roadworks. I am travelling at 30km per hour. Never use to happen. Why are drivers so impatient. Come on everyone. Be nice

jcmp21, Jul 21, 8:03pm
But what about safer communities together?

pettal, Jul 21, 8:38pm
so people are tooting at you because a police man gave you a ticket ? .

lambrat, Jul 21, 8:51pm
yeah, got a fright when i was cycling out of the paknsave wainoni supermarket on the weekend and got a loud closeup toot from a dork driving a white transit van. first one ever., even though i was as far to the left as possible, given the construction fencing along that short bit which has narrowed the exit.
perhaps i might start carrying an airhorn so i can return the favour if it happens again.

bandit101, Jul 22, 7:03am
we are talking about attitudes. Idiot car drivers and law abiding cyclist.

astrophe, Jul 22, 7:09am
Just ignore it. Things will go back to normal.

When travelling through roadworks, I hope you 'ride the lane' and take up the whole lane? Giving them potentially room to overtake by staying hard left when it's dangerous and unsafe to do so isn't a good plan.

bandit101, Jul 25, 6:28am
The bigger the wagon the more agressive the driver

stojo, Jul 25, 7:01am
I hope you are not riding how your username would suggest bandit101

slimgym, Jul 25, 6:33pm
idiot policeman, Idiot CYCLIST more like. you try being nice and people will be nice to you

glendikoorey, Jul 26, 1:59am
Some background and reflection, in case you haven't come across the ticketing situation mentioned above:

bergkamp, Nov 10, 1:35pm
hi Bandit , i always wear a camera . it really is the best protection

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