Tropicair diesel fires

bratpack06, Jun 29, 7:16am
Is any having trouble with there diesel fires clogging up with a heavy soot .clean it out and 24 hrs later full of soot again not sure what the problem is.Any Ideas

golfaholic2, Jun 29, 7:20am
Isnt burning clean . time to call a professional

bratpack06, Jun 29, 8:28am
We have, there is only one serviceman in chch, and he's booked out for 6 weeks! We have cleaned chimney and vacuumed inside out, we only burn diesel, very frustrating.

lisabarron, Jun 29, 10:01am
Dont know what kind you have but mine has a little round flap at the back and when the wind blows strongly it can open up, that can make it not burn cleanly, too much air gets in. Try that.

jaybee116, Jun 30, 4:43am
I assume you already know about the screw that you need to turn every so often. Mine is in a separate door under the main door. It helps take out the soot. Mine has that flap at the back too but I've had no problems with it.

jaybee116, Jun 30, 4:47am
Another thought - if you are burning it on a low heat all the time it can also clog up. Try have it on high for a while and see if that helps. Also, when you go to turn off the fire make sure to open the door first otherwise it can clog with soot.

bratpack06, Jun 30, 5:53am
Hi, yep, we have had that replaced since new too, ours is 8 years old, we would never buy another one, too dirty and not enough service people. We think it's the diesel going waxy in the cold, so are adding kerosene and just making sure it's all unclogged. Yucky job!

jaybee116, Jun 30, 8:44am
Mine is six years old and I don't find it dirty at all. Mine is not the NZ one, it is the one from Belgium perhaps that is the difference.

jaybee116, Jun 30, 8:44am
Is it G - th you are trying to get hold of?

bratpack06, Jun 30, 11:13pm
yes he is booked out for 6 weeks, we have got someone else coming next week, ours is the sapphire blaze, the newer ones do look much better, but Iam sick of the black mess they make, its gets on everything, and if you try to clean it up with soapy water it just smears it, its gross. just need to get through the next couple of months then we are selling up. If we were staying i would pull it out and put something else in. Would be good to get it running right for new owner though.

jaybee116, Mar 9, 1:28pm
I use paper towels to pick up any soot that falls on the hearth when I wipe the glass front.

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