fineo, Aug 18, 4:05am
After driving around the city over the weekend, I could not get over the amount of for rent signs that are now up in front of houses and apartments.
Been a long time since I have seen so many.
Heat coming off the rental market?

sw20, Aug 18, 4:37am
Yep. That over supply is fantastic.

jon9, Aug 18, 4:50am
A friend is in a 8 year old 3 bedroom townhouse in St Albans. Rent was $600 per week. They have been in just over a year and have just given notice. Property manager offered them the house @ $460 per week if they stayed on. That's a big decrease and they are still moving out.

Sign enough that the rental market is improving across the city

steve198, Aug 18, 5:23am
The more property prices come down the better. We get so little value for money in NZ.

jane310567, Aug 18, 5:28am
I agree - also winter is very quiet for rentals anyway.

starskey, Aug 18, 6:18am
Bout Bloody time

ryanm2, Aug 18, 6:26am
Its been coming down for 6 months now - we work for a few property management firms and I always ask, even homes in good areas with a fair rate are no longer seeing even a 1/20th of the demand they once did. It was always going to happen , just when.

jonners2013, Aug 18, 6:45am
most of the city has seen little or no property value growth over the past 12 months. it stands to reason that rental prices will come back. expect it to continue.

sw20, Aug 12, 3:11pm
Those that hedged to the eyeballs will be shown to be naked when that tide goes out.

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