dreamingofbali, Jul 6, 3:37am
Nothing on Geonet. one good sized jolt. If that wasn't a quake. what the heck was it!

brokebloke1, Jul 6, 3:37am
yes! felt In Hornby

fostey1, Jul 6, 3:38am
Yip me & the dog felt that one the pot plant was moving too in bishopdale here

new..me, Jul 6, 3:39am
yes. heard it coming in aranui

brokebloke1, Jul 6, 3:40am
we heard it coming in Hornby

bridie8, Jul 6, 3:40am
heard and felt Hornby. was 3.1 Linwood

addington261, Jul 6, 3:40am
Was a noisy one for a 3.1 .

lobelia211, Jul 6, 3:46am
Same here in Aranui. A sudden jolt and the furniture jumped. The pram in front of me where sitting gave a shake too.

seaqueen, Jul 6, 3:53am
Cripes, decent jolt here in Diamond Harbour too. Felt a lot stronger than a 3.1.

puddles11, Jul 6, 3:57am
Thought it was, then when no posts appeared I just figured someone downstairs had dropped something heavy on the floor.

xmakara, Jul 6, 4:02am
Felt it in Ilam. Hardly noticable though.

gaspodetwd, Jul 6, 4:05am
Didn't notice it here in waimairi beach. Only hubby noticed anything but it was a tiddler.

craftylady1, Jul 6, 4:16am
Not felt in Ilam, but was busy in the kitchen

jessebird, Jul 6, 6:20am
Not here? nothing felt. you would think so if felt in Hornby thou.

1mumof4, Jul 6, 8:53am
I noticed it here in Shirley/Mairehau. No shake but my house cracked very loudly.

beerlady, Jul 6, 10:03am
Felt it in New Brighton.

nz_nicola, Feb 13, 3:40pm
Felt in Sumner, first one for a while

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