Armed Police In New Brighton

Anyone know what's going on? heaps of cops with guns down Union Street I've been told.

540trickzter, Sep 13, 7:36 pm

exciting keep us informed

honest-reliable, Sep 13, 7:37 pm

Look on the herald looks like a big investigation mucked up

lee289, Sep 14, 8:41 am

540trickzter, Sep 14, 1:46 pm

". there were no offences committed. "

Isn't waving an air rifle around in the street an offence? Or are they considered "not guns"?

astrophe, Sep 14, 4:54 pm

New Brighton really has gone to the dogs.

Has potential to be incredible but is just so run down and there seems to be a lot of crime there now.

foamyone, Sep 14, 6:11 pm

See the thread in general where the pro-police fanatics are declaring it illegal to carry a firearm at all. Ironic thing is, they are now contradicting what their heroes are saying LOL

jcmp21, Sep 14, 8:57 pm

What, just now? It's been bad for as long as I can remember.

jcmp21, Sep 14, 8:58 pm

Isn't it sad that people can ruin a neighbourhood to the point that you hear the words 'New Brighton' and you can't think of anything positive to say about it.

kran32, Sep 16, 11:56 am

The road into New Brighton is great! How's that? I worked there one day last week and it was a lovely drive in on the fixed roads., Sep 16, 9:35 pm

Huh? Where are you driving in from?;

fimeister, Sep 16, 9:44 pm

Templeton, last time I was over there they were still doing the road (I know they have just moved down the road but I was trying to say something positive about NB, lol), Sep 16, 9:45 pm

The road OUT OF New Brighton is great.

jcmp21, Sep 17, 7:10 am

Which one was that? hope you don,t mean Pages!

jessebird, Sep 17, 9:14 pm

I reckon. The chch version of rainbows end.

fimeister, Apr 18, 3:24 am

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