Lost car keys

jessebird, Apr 23, 9:12am
Papanui, elderly lady dropped them, shops erea there are other keys with it, anyone find?.

sophie98, May 1, 1:34am
Avon City Motel found some its in the paper. Pay to ring them.

brightlights60, Dec 4, 6:53pm
Mrs B here. Mr B was totally in the poo 2 weeks ago when he lost my keys. I strolled into Papanui police station yesterday and there they were. Try them. They have a huge box full, mainly drivers whose keys are taken off them and are too embarrassed to ever go back and get them. My keys are somewhat stuffed, as it appears hubby left them either on the roof of the van or the wheel arch of the trailer and then drove off when them, so they have been run over multiple times and the alarm remote is deceased.

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