Accommodation allowance, when cash settling claim

What percentage of the accommodation allowance are the various insurance companies paying. We have been offered an insultingly low payout from SR if we cash out but don't provide proof of the cost of alternative accommodation.

deniseandsteve, Sep 24, 6:12 pm

$20K with IAG, included in the settlement.

mcnic, Sep 24, 6:17 pm

that's well above $8K

deniseandsteve, Sep 24, 6:39 pm

Were cash settling with SR and its 80% of what we were 'entitled' to based on our contents insurance, but I am going to check a few things, moving costs are based on an 'average' house contents not what we actually have, and the cats boarding fee is now included in that accommodation cost, first time Ive heard those conditions!

articferrit, Sep 24, 7:44 pm

Did you produce proof of repairs being done and having to move out for them

deniseandsteve, Sep 24, 7:50 pm

I arranged the cash settlement on my MILs house and obtained full entitlement for the two claims, September and February. How long will you need to be out of your house and how hard nosed are you prepared to be?

retrodesign, Sep 24, 7:59 pm

From someone living in Gisborne on a Canterbury thread who has only got feed back from what appears to be a sex aid trader I have no doubt you are well aware of things softening easily

deniseandsteve, Sep 24, 8:39 pm

You certainly do have a purchase of yourself. Try getting a life.

deniseandsteve, Apr 1, 2:33 am

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