Where to buy work maternity clothes in Chch

Where are some good places to buy nice corporate maternity work clothes/dresses? Tried Riccarton Mall: Kmart, Just Jeans, Forever New, Portmans, Cue, Farmers - not a lot of maternity wear there or if there was just daggy baggy stuff. Any clues? Also for a good deal

tygertung, Jul 4, 7:57 pm

pumpkin patch

macboy2, Jul 4, 8:02 pm

Jeans west has a large maternity range

luvmykicks, Jul 4, 8:06 pm

Egg in The Colombo in Sydenham . Pricey but nicey !

poppysinger2, Jul 4, 10:19 pm

Egg maternity - only online now though.

geoone, Jul 4, 10:22 pm

go online to asos. free delivery doesn't take too long, and they have a huge range.

chickybabe4, Jul 5, 12:13 pm

-weasel-, Jul 5, 7:32 pm

Also try Strechmaster.co.nz

das.newzealand, Jul 5, 11:32 pm

Website doesn't seem to work?

Went to pumpkin patch, they had a good sale on- nothing over $15. They may be getting out of maternity clothes however so if you want some best to get in quick.

tygertung, Jul 6, 10:55 am

Also, while Max doesn't do a maternity range, I bought a lot from there. Their tops are often longer, and you can wear it afterwards too. Though I agree, it's hard to find clothing that doesn't give the impression that your fashion sense has left the building!

helmont, Jul 6, 11:18 am

Found it again.Website says "custom fit for over 40 years NZ made"

das.newzealand, Jul 12, 10:59 pm

That website seems to be more aimed at car seats than humans.

tygertung, Jan 14, 3:24 am

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