Was taking daughter out driving

brightlights60, Sep 17, 10:32am
as she is sitting her restricted soon. We were stopped at the lights (Marshlands road, QE2 drive intersection) and she said, look sideways if you dare. Guy with no shirt on in the passenger seat on your side, window down, some blokes should just not take their shirts off! So I looked sideways, and said "do you mean the guy desperately trying to light that bong?" Seen it all now.

slimgym, Sep 17, 7:23pm
did you get the car rego and ring the police when you got home? what did they say about it

jonners2013, Sep 17, 8:20pm
do you ring the police every time you see someone j-walk or every time you see a bike being ridden on the footpath? you must be permanently on the phone to them!

brightlights60, Sep 17, 11:50pm
Pretty hard to get a rego when they are beside you and then go behind you, plus the fact that we were laughing so hard we were crying. As my daughter said, one of the busiest intersections in Christchurch and usually at least a cop or two there, but not yesterday!

nicsta4, Sep 18, 3:51am
they most likely do probably have speed fail on their phone's

astrophe, Sep 18, 5:49am
Jaywalkers and cyclists take their own lives into their hands. Stoned drivers take other people's.

brightlights60, Sep 18, 6:40am
He was in the passenger seat so was more pathetic than anything else.Hopefully the driver was not stoned. Its not something you see every day.

marte, Sep 18, 1:38pm
Probably was not smoking stones either.

If he was drinking a beer, would you call the police?

They have better things to do, like hiding behind trees.

slimgym, Sep 18, 5:03pm
sorry but I thought drugs were illegal in new Zealand, and I would be very worried about people taking them while driving, if the passage was taking them you can be sure the driver was too. Could have been a great lesson for your daughter. What to do if you see people with drugs. I don't think sitting and laughing was a good lesson for your daughter. Much easier to read a rego behind just use your mirror. Good lesson there for you daughter as well, checking rear mirror ever minute.

brightlights60, Sep 18, 10:42pm
Thanks for the parenting lesson (and driving lesson). I am sure someone will benefit from your wisdom lol.

chromis, Sep 18, 11:10pm
No, you can't be sure. What you've done there is made an assumption.

urbanrefugee54, Sep 19, 4:54am
I hear they were hiding behind trees, down Linwood ave

jonners2013, Sep 19, 7:57pm
It's bullplop to suggest that jaywalkers or cyclists don't endanger others, they can very easily cause an accident if they're doing the wrong thing. Which funnily enough, is why the jaywalking and cycling laws (for example) exist.

marte, Apr 6, 4:22pm
Ah, drugs are legal in NewZealand. You can buy alcohol in almost every town.

You can drive a car legally while drunk and/or drinking alcohol.

You are supposed to check your rear vision mirror every 5 seconds!

Who taught you how to drive and I hope for everyones sake you are not teaching someone else to drive as badly as you do.

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