EQC settlement payment

workingman1, Jul 24, 8:19am
EQC are going/want to give us a settlement payment cheque that is p squat, 4 grand.

Which will hardly get the lounge repaired {stippled ceiling's, walls painted etc} let alone the rest of the house Have Bowed window, foundations ring cracks etc

They state that By accepting the settlement payment which relates to the EQC scope of works dated 30/11/2012, you do not withhold your right to dispute the value of the payment and/or any elements within the scope of works.

.They have asked us to get another report If you incur a cost in obtaining the above information, please include the receipt of this cost with your report. Where a review results in further settlement or reassessment, the cost of obtaining the independent report may be reviewed for partial or full reimbursement.

My question is I don't feel we should accept the cheque. what happens if we don't .has anyone refused.

Do/can we go back to them & say we don't accept that amount
Has anyone done so & what was the outcome please.

Thanks in advance
Mrs Workingman1

david_270, Jul 24, 9:15am
Standard EQC tactics and BS. Heaps of people have refused.
EQC is just ACC in another guise. You will need to get your own assessment done. Talk to the RAS or visit the In The Know Hub.
Start googling, plenty of stories on the net, in The Press, FB, etc etc.

jonners2013, Jul 24, 11:48am
EQC have already told you that you can accept the payment without giving up your right to dispute it later. So doesn't that answer your question?

Take the cheque, put it in the bank, then if you don't believe it is adequate go and get the appropriate advice. If you dispute it, then it is up to you to gather the necessary evidence/proof to support your stance. The onus is on you to prove it.

The EQC 'Hub' is actually a pretty good recourse and in my experience they are forthcoming with explaining what you can do. So if you decide to dispute the settlement, start there and see how you go.

jambee1, Jul 24, 11:56am
Don't bank the cheque
Banking the cheque accepts responsibilty.

You need to get advice.
On Facebook there are several groups - just search EQC
Or talk to your lawyer. or peter Richardson at linwood law

Good on you for asking questions. Take your time to inform yourself :)

In the know is also helpful

jonners2013, Jul 24, 12:54pm
responsibility for what?

I (and almost everyone in Christchurch) received an initial payment from EQC and then went on the expand/increase the claim. It is not EQC policy for any offer to be 'full and final'.

But yes you are certainly right with one thing - ask lots of questions and get appropriate advice (ie not from us fools on TM).

rob312, Jul 24, 11:32pm
The Residential Advisory Service (RAS) is free and has been set up to clarify things like this. You can get their contact details here: https://advisory.org.nz/

clammeister, Jul 27, 8:37am
Bank the cheque and dispute the amount
I was offered 4k, banked cheque a week before it became stale (6mths)
And got a quote from an independent company and out of the blue months later received 9 k, the quote was 13k so they just paid me the 9 I hadn't received- easy
Funny thing it will only cost bugger all to actually fix and I am little bit richer!
Lucky me

bigrichie, Nov 1, 3:34pm
Absolutely this! The lawyers working here are funded to assist you. You mention stippled ceilings - has there been any attempt to test for asbestos?

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