Nice restaurant for a 21st family party.

. medium priced. Ideas?

jane310567, Oct 5, 9:21 am

Christchurch RSA, all new and good reviews.

deanna14, Oct 5, 9:30 am

Sequoia 88. Christchurch's No.1 Dining Experience. What more could you ask for.

gordonh69, Oct 5, 11:26 am

Took MIL and grandson there for lunch last week. definitely cant beat it *cough cough*

Grandson thought it was like MILs resthome. average age 70. lol

craftylady1, Oct 5, 11:59 am

it seems tricky to find a BYO restaurant that isn't asian.

jane310567, Oct 5, 1:54 pm

You could try Salt on the pier in New Brighton,its quite good but not BYO.

cronezone, Oct 5, 2:08 pm

We had a great 21st meal at Maharaja, Papanui recently - very nice & not too expensive. Has separate areas so feels more intimate.
Also had a lovely 21st meal at Casa Nostra in Ferrymead

nickyd, Oct 5, 5:11 pm

One Good Horse, not BYO though

robyn35, Oct 5, 6:15 pm

Winnie bagoes in town.great food and cool atmosphere

dannyboy24, Oct 6, 6:21 am

Grandson summed it up nicely

tennisfanz, Oct 6, 2:16 pm

Gardens restaurant We went for my 50th and 18 of us paid about $450 all up

rollydog1, Oct 6, 3:55 pm

daughter got terrible service there the other night, waited 30 minutes for a drink, girl didn't know how to make it, food was delayed as well then when it arrived they were asked to shift, they were directed to a seat in the bar by the waiter, finally when they got their food asked to shift into the restaurant, they couldn't understand why the long wait for a drink, then long wait for the food, and then when they got their food, demanded that they shift into the restaurant

slimgym, Feb 15, 2:41 am

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