Analysis of Gerry

david_270, Jul 5, 11:21pm
A good article. Yes, time gives perspective, but much of what he has done was after ignoring advice from better qualified people.

golfaholic2, Jul 6, 4:58am
Scary to think of him flying above us in a helicopter .

corkranb, Jul 6, 9:23am
Especially if he did what seagulls do.

gillian25, Jul 6, 9:10pm
He has already done that ,for nearly 5 years, from a great height.

strats5, Jan 17, 1:21pm
That is a scathing criticism.
It confirms what most sense- that GB's bluster & arrogant carry on is a smokescreen for his incompetence. Hardly surprising for his career record is that of a political party hack from a safe electorate.
I think the current speaker of the house would be an improvement.

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