Sabrys Souvlaki Hornby

slimgym, Jan 1, 3:32pm
they sure are

astrophe, Jan 1, 7:00pm
Ah, but do they pass themselves off as "Sabrys Souvlaki - healthy!" or "Sabrys Souvlaki, chips and a coke - healthy!"?

littlelucy1, Jan 2, 11:14pm
Love love love redwood one yummy

melcraig, Jan 3, 8:21am
Don't be thinking you could get a good souvlaki in Kaiapoi either.

goose29, Jan 8, 12:02am
I thought it was quite nice last week, but we usually go to Persian Delight in Sockburn which is amazing

ferrarigirl, Jan 11, 6:51am
Redwood Sabrys is amazing, absolutely chock full of chicken! The contents are overflowing in the pita, great value. Taste of Egypt on Papanui rd by kfc is also great. As for healthy - it is the customers choice whether they buy the coke and fries. Kaiapoi don't pass themselves off as souvlakis, they are Turkish kebabs which are different (and pretty rubbish imo) - unfortunately, as the old Kaiapoi souvlakis were great

jcmp21, Jan 11, 7:04am
Thanks for the info, I'll give it a go tonight maybe

ferrarigirl, Jan 11, 7:09am
Always happy to help!

redsparkles2, Jan 11, 9:19pm
Does anyone know if Costas has re opened? believe they were across from the price waterhouse buildng in town.

sumstyle, Jan 11, 9:36pm
Yeah, they were yummy - especially their chicken one. I think of them longingly when I drive past their Taverna on Cranford Street.

antonios1, Jan 11, 9:51pm
For a good Greek souvlaki try the Mythos on Colombo St. in Sydenham - next to the Honey Pot.

nade93, Jan 12, 9:46pm
Theres also a Sabrys in Woolston - crap too.

nzwhisky, Jan 17, 4:02am
The woolston one was the orginial, they were good then moved to redwood, now think they have reloacated to hornby. The one in Woolston is crap now, average hours and always run out of food. Not Sabrys anymore

joburger, Jan 17, 8:04am
The redwood one is great!

slimgym, Jan 17, 5:18pm
does anyone else remember the place in riccarton rd nomads I think it was called. Loved they souvlaki used to be a curry and a souvlaki all rolled into one.

and remember the home of the honey chicken place down Manchester street

shakirafan, Jan 17, 9:29pm
Nomads was the best. It's a treat we got when we came to CHCH for a visit when I was a child.

I used to look forward to their souvlakis. Falafel was my favourite.

lhsheps, Dec 30, 7:08am
We went there for dinner. Got home to have a big gooey mess wrapped in a pita bread. No flavour couldn't taste any garlic or chilli with soggy salad. Very disappointed wouldn't bother going back. Will stick to the kababs and Souvlakis at Bush Inn. Anybody else been there?

slimgym, Dec 30, 8:09am
I was going to try it, the lovely one at sockburn take soooo long to make theys

catlover7, Dec 31, 10:12am
Sabrys in redwood are amazing !

ashdyson, Dec 31, 10:31am
they are worth the wait

shakirafan, Dec 31, 9:52pm
They're nice but I always giggle as they try to pass themselves off as "healthy" on their signage they serve many items with a side of fries and a can of coke, soooo healthy lol

annekeandjo, Feb 6, 4:02pm
the redwood one was good but they have new guys working in there not like it used to be when they first opened ,they had 4 people shop last week when we there we waited 45mins slack bread burnt to wasn't happy

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