Earthquake Public Meeting on September 10th

2meltonpark, Sep 5, 7:34 pm

Wouldnt bother bumping this, its actually quake related, no one will even notice. more interested in Dog groomers and eyewear.

gunhand, Sep 11, 5:47 pm

In remembrance of a great speech made Mr Key , Christchurch, today is the day your great comeback begins.
Though your buildings are broken, your streets awash, and your hearts are aching, your great spirit will overcome .
While nature has taken much from you, it can not take your survivor??ôs spirit.
This devastating event marks the beginning of a long journey for your city.
It will be a journey that leads us from ruins and despair to hope and new opportunities. From great hardship will come great strength.
It will be a difficult journey, but progress is certain, things will get better, Christchurch will rise again.
On behalf of the Government, let me be clear that no one will be left to walk this journey alone.
New Zealand will walk this journey with you. We will be there every step of the way.
Christchurch; this is not your test, this is New Zealand??ôs test.
I promise we will meet this test. . Have they really met the test ? Certainly the public of NZ were behind us (I met folk from all over the country who dropped tools and put their lives on hold , at their own cost , to travel to Canterbury to help) . How many are still struggling ? While I realize you can not help all of the people all of the time I have personally met some (older in particular) who will not put their hands up to be counted because they don't want to be a nuisance and other similar reasons . When you put their cases out there they are looked down on as being moaners and those exposing their plights are classified as stirrers . 5 years later and public meetings just about every week/second week !

wazzabert, May 22, 2:22 am

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